Sunday, November 23, 2008


ok.....just one more picture. (makes me even prouder to work for State Farm!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

OSU vs. Michigan - NOON TODAY!!!!

what can I say?


(tiny picture I know...I am blogger stupid)

It's kickoff time!

Go Bucks!

Buckeye Fever

THE Ohio State University Buckeyes!!! did THAT get on my blog????? Seriously.....someone should be ashamed.

You Know It!

A couple of GREAT commercials.....enjoy~!!!

ESPN has called the Ohio State/Michigan game the greatest rivalry in sports history--and for good reason. The competition is so fierce that some historians think it's a carryover of the Toledo War, a 19th century boundary dispute between the states of Ohio and Michigan. The teams have played since 1897.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Last week in October

Before the game....even handsome from the back. (right in the center of the photo)

Last game of the season. Turner Ashby beat Broadway 41-7. Yay!!!

Addie was the drum major this year. She is a senior and so sweet. I snapped a picture of her and Josh after halftime. We are going to miss her!

Our buddy, Dale Richards, and Josh. Not sure about this pic. I guess Josh had five minutes to get ready....he said he came as "Megan, Grandma, Jedi." Had on Meg's Galley2 shirt, skirt, pearls, a few belts, some ties, a scarf that reminded him of Grandma...and of course the Jedi sword.
Strange guys.

Maggie, Sonya, Nancy and Josh. What a crew.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well, I haven't carved a pumpkin yet this year, how about you?

(Josh carved one tonight at Maggie's house...of the Canadian flag...yep...I guess he saw a maple leaf cookie cutter. Make sense, I guess)

Anyway....if you feel a little left out...and are dying to carve your own pumpkin..........this is for you:

( don't get any pumpkin seeds to roast. Now that is a down side)


(and don't forget to clean up your mess...carving pumpkins is a dirty job!)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

Josh is CRAZY for the drums! He has a lot of talent, but I especially love his passion. I love how excited he gets about anything musical.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pullin' in to Wal-Mart...

...just one reason I love living in the valley.

Where do I start?

I just got on my blog and looked at my unposted blogs. Pictures I wanted to share but hadn't written about. Add to that an incredibly full last few months, and I think I should blog ten times a day for the next little while.

I can't get overwhelmed. This is supposed to be fun.

So...I am just going to share what I can.

I love reading all your blogs, though. I am glad you are better at this than I am. Keep them coming.

See you soon!

Ceiling Art

The skies have been just beautiful lately....most the time I don't have my camera with me.
I did capture the sky a couple of times recently, though. The above picture was taken last week in the mall parking lot right before sundown.

I picked up Josh and friends from marching band practice the other day, and stopped while driving out of the high school because the sky took my breath away.

I need to remember to look up.

Yep...that's a good thing to remember.

ByeBye to Summer! I know Halloween is around the corner...and we are smack dab in the middle of my favorite season of the year, but I came across these pics of the beauty I enjoyed in my own front yard this summer, and just felt grateful.
His creations are all around us.

(Click on the collage for a bigger picture)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday with LoLo!

We had lots of fun yesterday. Laurie came to visit us for the day. Josh was gone when she got here, and so Kelly and I got some time to catch up with her. Then she and I ran around the 'burg together. We went to Michael's, Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store. Oh...and Mercy House thrift store. Do we know how to party...or what????
Michelle was telling us she had started making some frig magnets with those clear craft stones. So...we decided to make some, too. We found big stones at the Dollar Store because they only had small ones at Michael's. We had fun working together on them. We each made 13 magnets! We tried making a bracelet with some silver elastic string and a string of shells Laurie found at Michael's. A lot of the shells' holes weren't made big enough for the string to go my dear husband went out and got his drill. And there he was, sitting at the table, with his big fingers, holding a tiny, tiny shell, and trying to enlarge the holes for the strings. It worked on one. ONE. But he tried and tried. It was almost laughable how hard he was trying and how nothing was getting accomplished because his drill bit was just a bit too big to get into the hole. We kept telling him it was alright, but he was determined. Nope....the shells didn't work....but how lucky we are to have someone care about us so much.
Thanks for trying, honey.
All she needs to do is get a little thinner elastic string. No biggie.
Before Laurie left, we made homemade chocolate milk shakes. Mmmmm.
Then Laurie and I did something we love to do. We both share the piano bench, and she plays the tenor and bass, and I play the soprano and alto, and we play hymns. And laugh. And every once in awhile even sounds like a hymn!
Good times with LoLo. Come again real soon, ok?

Oh...and another year of marriage is behind us...and another one, full of wonderful possibilities has begun.
Our 33rd anniversary was yesterday.
33 years??? How did that happen so fast?

Taste of Italy!

We were visiting Michelle and Andrew in Georgia about six weeks ago to meet Tate and play with Toby. (and see Michelle and Andrew, of course)
Anyway, she is a great cook, and while we were there.......she made her Stromboli for us. Oh was incredible!!
I was excited when I saw it on her blog....she made one for her next door neighbor after some decided to try my hand at it.
You can get the recipe on Michelle's blog.
The picture above is with all the goodies, including the pesto sauce, but before I put on some provolone.
We made one side with mushrooms and peppers, too.

Rolled it up loosely....and cut the slits. Ready for the oven!

The finished product. THAT looks like a heart attack in a log, doesn't it?
Yummy! It didn't look quite as pretty as Michelle's, but our tummies thought it looked just fine.
Served it with marinara sauce for dipping, along with a salad, made up of romaine lettuce and spinach leaves, black olives, red pepper, tomatoes and mushrooms.
Josh and Kelly both say this is a keeper.
Thanks, 'chelle!

Later this week, I will have to post a terrific recipe I made from Jessie's kitchen...who is an amazing cook, too. It's made in the crock pot and put over noodles. Yum.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

5:40 a.m. @ National Reagan Airport

I was so proud of Megan and was so excited for her as we hugged her goodbye at the airport last Thursday morning. I hadn't shut my eyes all night, because I did most the driving, but was so glad to have spent some time with her helping her get ready. I love being with Meg. She is interesting, funny, sweet, and very unique. She teaches me a lot. She knows me well. And that is a great thing.....I love how my children really seem to know me.

I am missing you, Meggie. I know you are doing great out at BYU-Idaho. ....the birthplace of this crazy family of this is where Dad and I began. (And look where that little meeting has brought all of us.)

Remember, you have a momma and a poppa that are NUTS about you!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Josh is FIFTEEN!

No time to write...but just wanted to post these pics from Monday night......Happy Birthday, JOSH! We had a great time...and I can't believe my "baby" is fifteen!
More later.....and more pics of Tate Steven Pieracini coming up! Go check out Michelle's blog for beautiful pictures of him!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mega News!

I haven't blogged in a long's for a number of reasons.
But, my life has been busy and full...good and bad. It's been like my normal life...multiplied by ten.


"Baby boy" Pieracini was born at 7:42 p.m. tonight to my daughter, Michelle, and her husband Andrew and to his "big" brother, Toby (Tobin Kelly) Pieracini, down in Griffin, Georgia.

Michelle was over three weeks early...but this little guy was growing fast, and causing things to happen quickly.

The doctor decided to have Michelle go on over to the hospital today, because her body was more than ready to have this little one. I spoke with her at 5:40 p.m. And...after some intense, hard, but quick labor and one push, he was born. No epidural, no stitches. Just one tuckered out mom.

Michelle and I talked about 45 minutes later, and she told me he is adorable. She is so so so happy.

6 lbs. 8 oz, 20 inches long, black curly hair (we think). He was still being cleaned up when we talked. No name another surprise to look forward to!

I'm a Grandma again. Woo Hoo! And as far as the three little grandboys I had down....two to go. We are wishing you the best, Jessie and Steph!!!
By October I will have two adorable granddaughters, and five......yes...FIVE.....little grandsons.
Fun times.

Way to go, Michelle!!!!!! They've been really tough to get here...but you sure have this labor and delivery thing down! When it's time for them to don't mess around!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Truth on a T-Shirt

You betcha, Alli.

(stay tuned for pictures of all the terrific Hebdon grandkids. I have quite a few to post later today. Be warned.....they are the cutest little people on the face of the earth.)

Wow...soon there will be seven cousins. How much fun will it be when we all get together!
I need a swimming pool......and lots of popsicles. Heaven to me would be hanging out in the water with all of them.

I love being a grandma. Just love it.

And Alli.....I'll never tell. :)

I Got Clipped Tonight

I went quite a bit shorter when I got my hair cut tonight. I think I will like it.
(this is being posted for my daughters, because they will want to see it. For the rest of you....sorry for the boring post and ugly pictures of should just go back to snapping beans, or painting your toenails, or cleaning the shower grout or watching Montel Williams......just about anything is more fun than looking at my hair.)

My Sabbath Portrait

There is a delightful young man at Church....named Michael Walton. About ten or eleven years old. He is one incredibly intelligent guy. I wonder what he will do with his life as he has many gifts. We've had fun as we have shared math riddles and jokes, etc.
Sunday I happened to be sitting next to him during sacrament meeting. I noticed he kept looking at me. Whenever I'd look over at him, though, he would look away. He was almost done with this when I figured out what he was doing.
He gave it to me after the meeting. Michael.

Hey...look how clear my skin looks....and no freckles. And a lovely smile.
Not too shabby :)
(and I appreciate the fact that he only gave me one chin)

Mona your heart out.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Some Dirt Therapy

Going outside for some fun. Digging in the dirt. Ripping out the weeds. Giving my dog a drink from the hose. Giving myself a drink from the hose. Getting my jeans dirty. Walking barefoot in the grass. Picking a cucumber or yellow squash or two.

Feeling His love through His incredible gifts.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

To Tell the Truth

Remember that game show? Kitty Carlisle and the rest of the gang?
Wow...if you must be as old as me!!

Anyway.....I can just hear it now.

"Now...will the REAL bad blogger please stand up?" would have to be me.

Bad, bad blogger.

(but, I'm back. I actually did it this time, Jessie. Woo-hoo!)

They are growing like weeds!

Josh and Megan came to the office with Kelly and I to get the last of our things there, and clean up a little. It was the weekend, so they just came in their pajama pants. We borrowed a truck (thanks, friends!) and moved the desk, credenza and office chairs. The rest fit in the Explorer.
Meg and Josh were both a great help....we couldn't have done it ourselves.
Then they came in with huge leaves growing out of their pants. I'm not sure why.
Crazy kids.
I love to hear them laugh together.
Sweet, sweet music.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Date Night Smiles

A couple of weeks ago, Kelly and I went on a date. Yep...a couple of hours...just for us.
We had a great time together. He made me laugh all evening.
When we got home, we were just having fun talking and laughing with Megan and Josh. Megan took this picture of us.
I thought I'd post it, just to remember that fun night.....and the fact that I am very proud of this guy.
He just earned a promotion at work.....and he has only worked there 11 months. He loves his job, and the people he works with, and I am so glad he is happy.

Buds. Forever.

Try this!

I found this little quiz on another blog I love....and I took it....and I'm Pocahantas! How cool!
Find out which princess you are and let me know!

( and no....I haven't died. I will blog more, I promise)
Image hosted by Free-spirited and wise. You have a strong passionate spirit that touches and changes all who know you. The wisdom and common sense that you have is really what guides you through life. Even so, you also have a very playful side that loves adventure and excitement.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Where did the last week go?

Days are tumbling over each other right now. I am at the office (again!) going through eight years of accumulation...figuring out what stays and what goes. I need a break.
I've been working a lot of hours, and then doing clean-up at our old office or family stuff every other minute. Fun things too, though. I had the great pleasure of going with Kelly to Mountain
View Elementary and eating lunch last Monday with Alli...and her kindergarten class. Way fun. Then Tuesday, it was our turn to eat with Kimmi and the first grade. Lots and lots of laughter. Then Tuesday night, Kimmi was in a Recycle Program...with lots of singing, speaking parts, etc. (She did the best job, by the way) It's fun to watch Drew and Steph....and remember like it was yesterday when our two oldest were in all kinds of elementary programs...and realize that this is a whole new generation...and we are the grandparents. But we are still kids, aren't we?

Josh left Wednesday evening to go to Florida with the Turner-Ashby Marching Band. So lots of quick preparation, and then sending him off. He had a SUPER time. Disney World, Epcot, performances, time at the hotel...bus rides, etc. Good stuff for him. He is jamming tonight with his buddies. It was fun to see him yesterday and hear all about it.

Thursday evening, I went and watched Kimmi play softball. This is the very first year since 1983 that I haven't had one of my own children playing sports this time of year. How sad. fun to go watch grandkids now! Alli will be starting her season soon. Love it!

Kelly and I spent most of Saturday here at the office. And just went home and crashed Saturday night. Sunday, I taught Young Women, then Kelly had a meeting, then we hurried to Waynesboro for the funeral of Mary Harman. Her husband was our stake president when we moved here. They are wonderful people. I am so glad we went. It was such a powerful and spiritual meeting. She was only in her 50's. What a miraculous woman. President Harman's talk about her and their life together is something I will never forget. I think I'll have to write more about this later. It really did affect me greatly.

More news....Toby was very very sick on Friday evening. Michelle called me about 11:30 p.m. He had the croup cough something awful. She was doing everything she could to make him more comfortable. We talked awhile about what to do....which she was already doing...and I reminded her that if he has trouble get him in. Which she already knew...and was planning to do if that happened. happened. About 5:00 a.m. she called and said that she and Andrew were taking him to the Emergency Room. I finally talked with her about 7:30 again...and he had been given a breathing treatment and a shot of steroids. He had rested awhile...but now was getting worse again. He also had a high fever. I talked with her again a few hours later...and they had x-rayed his chest, given him another breathing treatment, and observed him for awhile. Then she took him to their pediatrician, who has always been so good with Toby. Michelle was bushed, but grateful that he had received the treatment he needed. After some more rough time at home, he is finally getting better. It's so awful when your little one is sick. Andrew has been helping with the house and Toby, and has made sure Michelle got a little rest when she could. But Michelle is in the Relief Society Presidency down there..and they had a huge ward Relief Society sewing day on Saturday. She had lots to do to help with that. They made 54 baby quilts that day alone for charity....and had a big wonderful lunch together. Sounded so put together and so fun. Wish I could have been there.

Jessie has been doing what she can with Noah clinging to her all the time. She says she thinks he must know she is expecting a baby. If she gets up and walks a few steps....Noah is hanging on to her legs and crying for her to pick him up. When she plays with him he wants to be ON her lap. If she tries to cook, or fold clothes, he is fussing for her to hold him. So....Saturday, Ammon let her sleep in and she was able to get some things done she had been wanting to do. Cleaning, organizing, just being by herself for a few hours. When the boys got home, they had something to eat, and Noah went down for a long nap. So...Jessie got some time on Saturday. Yay for her. I wish I could go help her organize the mountain of scrapbook supplies she bought at a great deal. That would be fun. It's going to be interesting to watch Noah "welcome" his new baby brother. After a little adjustment....I bet he will be a GREAT big brother.

Laurie got home from Florida on Thursday night. She had been there for nine days with the patient she does private duty for. She was anxious to get home to Jeremy. He was waiting for her at the airport with flowers. Awww. How sweet. I just talked with Jeremy and he said Laurie peeled quite badly after her Florida sunburn. But she is a "beach girl"....all the way. They are moving into a cute townhouse in Hilliard on June 1st. Exciting.

Meggie just called. Big time stress these last few days of finals...and papers being due....and closing up things there at BYU. I'm sending good thoughts and being her cheerleader as she puts in a couple almost all-nighters. She has a ride from Provo to Salt Lake City for her flight Thursday night. She flies all night....with a layover at JFK in New York...then lands in Richmond at 9:40 a.m. Can't wait to see her. We are all excited. Even the dogs. :)

Kelly and I are putting one foot in front of the other...and doing the best we can. It seems like uphill sometimes...but we hold on to each other and keep climbing. I'm glad I'm making the journey with him.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Taking a Break...

Sitting here at our office...the one we've had for almost eight years....the one that seems kind of like an extension of our home....and one filled with memories.....and trying to purge things, pack things, and decipher "trash from treasure". What exactly might we need to keep? It's not a fun job. So...what am I doing? Yep...taking a break, that's what.

Just read some book reviews on, also read about ten blogs, cruised through the news websites...and now I should be getting back to business. An hour break is plenty long enough, don't you think? Nope? ok....I'll stretch it out a bit longer.

Monday and Tuesday are going to be fun...Kelly and I get to go eat lunch with our granddaughters at their elementary school. We eat with Alli (kindergarten) on Monday, and Kimmi (first grade) on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to that. food. ;)

Last night, Josh had Zach, Bryan and Chad over for the evening. They jammed downstairs awhile, and played outside. Sloopy was in heaven with four boys around. We cooked hamburgers and hotdogs, chips and dip, and strawberry shortcake. Yum! It ended up that two of them spent the night, then Zach and Josh did a little weeding today. Then they all met up again, and jammed some more. They are sounding good! Tonight Josh is at Zach's...and spending the night. They are almost inseparable. If they are allowed to be together...they are.
But Zach is a great kid...when they are together, they just make me laugh. They talk in crazy accents, they do these weird walks, and they can play hacky-sack forever.

It was downright beautiful here yesterday and today. Our daffodils are so pretty. Blossoms on many of the trees, and the grass is getting so green. I love seeing everything coming to life. This will be a fun summer. I'm going to visit Michelle and Andrew and Toby in Georgia, visit Jessie and Ammon and Noah in North Carolina, I'm going to Ohio to visit Laurie and Jeremy and my folks and family, Drew and his family will be here with us, and Josh and his buddies will be around, and Meggie will be home! Fun, fun! Busy.....but I wouldn't have it any other way.

There have been lots of changes in my life lately. I'm thinking there will be a few more here soon. Just closing up this office seems to be a big change. Sometimes.....changing is hard. Growing pains, perhaps? Because we can't grow and stay the same. So I keep asking ..."What am I to learn and become by going through this? By "growing" through this?" I'll get back to you on that.

Until next lights and blue skies.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Up in Smoke

Wednesday I was anxious to get home for a few minutes after work, to see Josh and do a few things before I went to church for a meeting. It had been a rough day and I was worn out. As I got close to our old office on Rt 42, Kelly called me on my cell phone and told me that Dave's Recycling was on fire. He had just passed it, and no trucks or anything were there yet. Then I saw the smoke....then I heard the after another. Fire trucks, fire chief vehicles, police cars, etc. were passing us with their sirens wailing. When I got up near the fire, I realized that they were probably not going to let me pass and turn onto Erickson to go home. Traffic stopped on the road as they began to block off traffic. I pulled into the Food Lion/CVS parking lot to wait until I could turn around and go the other direction.

Soon, everyone in Harrisonburg seemed to have the same idea. Cars were pulling in, and people were getting out of their cars to look. Then they began pouring out of the stores and Arby's to join the crowd. At that point, the buildings were still intact. But the flames were raging. Seemed totally out of control. Then the fire turned green. (aluminum burning?) Then the smoke turned black. We began seeing trucks from Broadway, McGaheysville, Grottoes, etc. They seemed to keep coming.

I saw Billy Holloway and Mark Leavitt standing and watching the fire. They saw me and came over and we stood there and couldn't believe how fast and furious it was. The flames seemed to be nearing the buildings on our side of the fence. A truck came barrelling through the parking lot and pulled over. Soon the crane was up, and one very brave fireman, with an oxygen tank on, began spraying down the building that wasn't on fire, then directly on the fire. Water was shooting from everywhere...from different sides of the fire, wherever the trucks could get close enough. The fire spread quickly and soon the recycling center was diminished to a few standing steel beams.

Everyone who was watching talked with one another about what they had seen. People acted like we were all family. Interesting phenomenom. Many stood on their cars to take videos/pictures. I stood there mesmerized for over an hour, praying everyone was OK, and grateful for those men and women dedicated to helping us in times of trouble. This pic was taken with my phone about 45 minutes after I had first seen the fire.

It was a common sight to see someone get out of their car with fire gear on, and see that they were volunteer firemen and women....coming from many areas to help. Employees came from Food Lion with drinking water to aid those who were helping in any way.


I heard tonight that no injuries were reported. Yay! After I left the church at 8:45 tonight, there was still smoke in the air at church, and when I went near the scene, there were still several cranes up with firemen trying to contain the fire, and there were probably 15-20 fire trucks still at the scene. Of course, with my background, I am hoping they had adequate insurance.
This is a family-owned business, and their home is right in the front of the property. Tonight it seems like the home is fine, but several buildings burnt to the ground.

A few days ago, we took some files from our office to the recycling center to have them shredded, for privacy purposes, since they contained some personal information about past customers. I guess I can be confident they are destroyed, huh? was a hot time in the ole' town tonight.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A voice from the dust....

No...I'm not dead. And even though my last blog was February 7th, two months ago, the day Mitt Romney dropped out of the presidential race, it wasn't like "well, he's out....and so am I."
I cracked up when I looked at my blog and it seemed like that.

I just have been overwhelmed. But I've missed putting a few thoughts down now and then. I think of all I've let go, instead of recording it, over the last while. Oh well, today is another day. I have been diligent in reading all of your blogs, though, and thanks for not being a schmuck like me and drying up. I've enjoyed the news and the smiles.

Lots of things have been going on in my life. Big news......Kelly is now altogether out of the Property and Casualty insurance business and is concentrating on Life & Annuities with American General. He loves it. I think it has been like taking a weight off of him to not be in charge of his own business. I have been taking care of our agency, but about six weeks ago, we sold our accounts to an established agency here in town, and now I am working as an agent for them. It's been an adjustment for me, and lots of details to work out, but over all, I think we made a good move. We still need to close up our office, and hope to have that done by the end of this month. After that, I think I will begin to feel the lighter load of being able to forget about work when I am home. It has been quite a journey.

But.....there IS even bigger news...which I know almost every one of you already know, but I am so happy about it, I'm going to spread the good news once again. I am going to be a Grandma again....and again.....and AGAIN!

Yep...triple the blessings.

Michelle and Jessie are both due on August 16th. AND they are both having boys. So they both will have two little boys to snuggle, play with, laugh with, and love. I am so happy for them both. They are doing great. Ultrasounds look perfect, and "the boys" are already handsome, I'm told. (duh...of course!)

And.....Steph (Drew's wife) is due on October 14th!!! By then, Alli will be six years old, and Kimmi almost eight, and they are so excited to be big sisters. Drew and Steph are so thrilled with the news and are more excited each and every time they hear everything is going as it should. We are so happy for them, too. We can't wait to hear what they are having. I hope it is a boy or a girl. :)

Laurie left today to go to Florida. She is flying there with Mary, her patient. Mary has MS, and Laurie is her private duty nurse. Laurie is very caring, and just becomes part of the family when she cares for someone. They are flying down to be with Mary's daughter and granddaughters. Laurie is looking forward to going to the beach (she's definitely a beach girl). They are also going shopping, exploring, and visiting St. Augustine. She'll be gone nine days. I know she and Jeremy will miss each other, but I'm glad she gets this fun little break.

Megan is coming home from BYU in 17 days! It will be great having her home. I miss her a bunch and I'm looking forward to all kinds of fun times with her. She is seriously considering transferring to BYU-Idaho for next year. I am excited for her future. She has finals coming send good thoughts her way!

Josh is growing like a weed. He keeps getting taller, his voice keeps getting lower, and his momma just loves him more each day. He leaves next Wednesday to go to Florida with his marching band. They get to go to DisneyWorld while they are there. They will also perform. He is still a nut for music.....jazz, marching band, playing in his band with his buddies, listening to music, going to concerts, etc.

I am so blessed. My mind is rushing right now with other things I want to write. But...I am simply going to say that I'm glad I've begun again to write a few thoughts down, and that I am blessed greatly, and that I am so grateful for each of and friends...who have seen me through some tough times lately. Hugs for each one of you. You are my treasures.

Peace out.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sad Day for US...

US presidential candidate and former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) (L) and his wife Ann walk away after he dropped out of the presidential race at the American Conservative Union's 2008 Conservative Political Action Conference at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington February 7, 2008. Romney dropped out of the U.S. presidential race on Thursday, a decision that makes Senator John McCain the all-but-certain nominee of his party. REUTERS/Larry Downing (UNITED STATES) US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN 2008 (USA)1:31 p.m. ET, 2/7/08

Monday, January 28, 2008

We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet

President Gordon B. Hinckley
June 23, 1910 ~ January 27, 2008

Our dear prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley, passed away last night about 7:00 p.m., Mountain Time, in his apartment in Salt Lake City. He was surrounded by family members. He was 97 years old. People all over the world, both members and non-members of our Church, are mourning him today and remembering what a special man he was.

I thought I'd post a few pictures of the different faces of President Hinckley.

Above, he seems to be "knighting" Elder Henry B. Eyring, after Elder Eyring was called to serve in the First Presidency. This just seemed like President Hinckley....always having a good time.

I like this picture of President Hinkley's face....looking forward with confidence and determination.

Moses, Nephi, Joseph Smith....President Hinckley. Prophets of God.

Waving to the congregation. How he loved the children and youth of the Church. They all seemed to "know" their prophet...and love him. My children perked up whenever they saw him, or heard him speak....even when they were small. My daughter-in-law, Steph, called me today to tell me about telling Kimmi and Alli about it this morning. (they are 7 and 5). I guess Kimmi started crying....needed snuggles and comfort, and Alli was concerned. Drew and Steph were great in telling her that it is more happy than sad....but she loved him so. I remember us seeing him at the dedication of the Columbus Temple. It was thrilling for us all. Megan recently got to be with him in the Marriott Center at BYU, and listen to him leave a message for the students. She was so excited. He was so loved. What an ambassador for our Savior, Jesus Christ.

After General Conference, with his wonderful smile, waving his cane (which seemed to be its main purpose) and being followed by President Monson....a shadow of what would be.

This picture just moves me. A dad...surrounded by his loving children, at the funeral of his wife....their dear mother. He often talked of his devotion and love for Marjorie and seeing them together was precious.
Even knowing he would be with her, the separation was so painful. How difficult the last almost 4 years must have been for him without her. They were married in 1937. And now....can you imagine their sweet reunion?
I am simply overjoyed for him at this thought.

I take a moment to read in a little book called "Stand a Little Taller" almost every day. Each day there is a scripture and some words from President Hinckley.

Today's entry reads:

"Great is your power for good. Marvelous are your talents and devotion. Tremendous is your faith and your love for the Lord, for His work, and for His sons and daughters. Continue to live the gospel. Magnify it before all of your associates. Your good works will carry more weight than any words you might speak."
(That last line....THAT was President Hinckley)

Megan was the first to call me...from BYU. Cell phone lines were jammed in Provo and SLC with everyone calling after it came across the local news. She used her roommate's phone. Shane texted me and called me from Salt Lake City. Kelly, Josh and I stopped and offered a prayer. It was deeply felt that all was well....peacefulness settled in.

Throughout the next couple of hours, I spoke to each of my children, with them calling me or me calling them. I also spoke with my mom. We all felt the same thing....gratefulness, peace and the knowledge that we were blessed by having him so long.

Such love....we shall miss you, President Hinckley.
Thank you ...for your dedication, for your work, for your life.

And now.....the work continues.....because the Lord is in charge.