Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our little 24!

Our Jessie turned 24 on Friday. I have had two dozen terrific years of being her mother. Jessie is sunshine in my life. She has so many wonderful attributes. Just a few are: integrity, empathy, wonderful mother, smart, kind, creative, strong, faithful, fun....lots of fun, loves her family, incredibly beautiful, did I say smart? and sweet.
Our sweet Jess. Yes, we are blessed.
Elephant shoes. (you'll have to ask one of my kids about that)

Enjoy a few of the faces of Jessica Erin. Our JessBess. We love you, honey!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ticklin' the Ivories

I was reading online and came across a story about this couple, the Cowans. They have been married 62 years. He is 90 years old, and she is 84. While at the Mayo Clinic having tests for a few days, they took time to play the piano together that is there in the atrium for anyone to play. Here they are putting on a little impromptu recital.
Take a listen HERE.

(Watch the hand movements when they switch places.)

I just want to say that I think marriage and music are two of God's greatest gifts.

There is more to this story, but I'm beat.

Enjoy the video.

Try not to smile.

I dare you.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Blast from the Past - 1994

Sacred Grove ~ Palmyra, New York ~ July 1994

(I've always wondered what Josh was looking at)

Drew - 17
Michelle - 16
Laurie - 10
Jessie - 9
Megan - 5
Josh - 1

I drove the kids to Palmyra from Toledo, as Kelly couldn't get off work. We had a wonderful time together, going to the Hill Cumorah Pageant, seeing the other sights, like the Joseph Smith farm, staying in the hotel, etc.
I am crazy about these people.

Time for Some Sleep

End of another work week. A busy week with lots of fun things, too. Last night was the Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Music Awards at the high school. I met Josh over there at 6pm. We were there until 8:30. It was so much fun sitting with him and his friends at a lunch table. So many kids wanted to be together that they had chairs just bunched up all around this one table. Josh has great friends in band, and they were so funny. I sat with Bryan's mom, Linda, and Maggie's mom, Robin, right next to our kids. FUN NIGHT! Josh lettered last year, so this year earned a bar for his letter, certificate and medal for District Band and a certificate for City/County Honors Band. I was really proud of him and it was so fun watching his joy with his buddies.

Tonight we went over to our friends, the McIntyre's, for dinner. It was supposed to be a cookout, but it was raining, so it was a COOK out, but an EAT in. There was a great group there. We had lots of fun. One of the highlights of the evening was getting to hold little Katelyn Rebecca McIntyre, almost 3 weeks old, daughter of David and Mandy. She is adorable with a thick head of hair. I held her while she slept for quite awhile. A sleeping little baby is like the best muscle and tension reliever there is.

Then Kelly and I went to Barnes and Noble for a little R&R. Reading and relaxation. We each got a hot chocolate and a pile of books and snuggled into two of their comfy chairs for a little while. Heaven.

But now, it's time for sleep. Not getting up until 7:30! Woo-hoo!
(Kelly is throwing marshmallows to our dog, Sloopy, as I write this. Yep, we do know how to par-tay!)

(3 days in a row....I am on a roll!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Josh in the Driver's Seat!

My last one. My baby boy. My Joshie. How in the world did THIS happen?
I blinked, and now here he is, proud owner of a 15 year old's prized possession ~ THE Learner's Permit. I've been through this six times now. It still chokes me up a little. One more step away from mom. But I'm so happy for him, too. I was sitting at the DMV waiting for him to take the test, and when he started walking towards me, he tried to fake it. He shook his head, and I wondered for a moment, because Josh seems to smirk a little when he's disappointed, but he was trying to suppress a big old grin. He said, "just kidding...I passed". And even though the DMV was CROWDED (we picked the LAST business day of the month to go. Yes, I know, real smart) I wanted to cheer for him. He was so happy. It reminded me of each time one of our children would get their permit. It was like the world was opening up for them. And I was there to just help them along.
It was a busy Friday afternoon when he passed, and we wanted to stop by the music store, so he could get an amp cord and some guitar picks for his friend Zach's birthday party that night. He hesitated, but he drove. And he did really well. He must have felt grown up too, because he asked the owner of the music store if he was hiring. Just out of the blue. The manager might be interested when Josh turns 16 in August. He likes to hire his customers, who know the store, and he has seen over the years.
Josh has driven everywhere we've gone since then. He's doing great. Me? I'm not so sure.

These "lasts" are really hard.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Painted by the Master

I have missed so much by not keeping this up. I will try and catch up a little, but tonight I just feel like posting these. (kind of an easy way to begin blogging again)
We went to Ohio twice in the last month. The first was for a funeral for a dear friend (more about that later) and over Memorial Day weekend for my nephew's graduation (more about that later, too)
While we were there, we went to a Memorial Day breakfast at a park with Laurie and Jeremy. Jeremy's mom MaryAnn was there and it was nice catching up with her. (I've known her for 35 years or so....also a long story) After we ate breakfast, we all walked around a nice little herb garden/pathway built there at the park. It was Kelly, Josh, Laurie, Jeremy, MaryAnn and me. We enjoyed looking at all the signs telling us what we were looking at. I was touched again my the magnificent detail and beauty of His creations for us. I quickly snapped a few pictures. These are the only four I took, and I think they represent what I mean.

Wild daisies - how I love them. I guess I AM a child of the 60's and 70's, but I just think they are about the friendliest flower around. My wedding bouquet was daisies. I am getting older, but daisies still make me feel young. (He loves me....he loves me not....he loves me....he loves me not)
He DOES love me, by the way.

In the picture below, I just love the lingering raindrops. He provides what we need.

These bush roses below were the most amazing color. Vivid and spectacular. Fireworks among the leaves.

And just as we were leaving the herb garden......a little patch of pansies. Deep purple in the center. Like the night sky on a hot night. And such delicate petals. Love the contrast. Such different hues on one petal. That's how we are, too.

Yep, I do love to walk a garden. It's like a walking worship service for me.


( I have officially begun blogging again. I promise to blog again tomorrow night, even if it's just a few sentences. I see you snickering. Yes, you! You know who you are. Well, we will just see tomorrow, won't we, missy?)