Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday with LoLo!

We had lots of fun yesterday. Laurie came to visit us for the day. Josh was gone when she got here, and so Kelly and I got some time to catch up with her. Then she and I ran around the 'burg together. We went to Michael's, Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store. Oh...and Mercy House thrift store. Do we know how to party...or what????
Michelle was telling us she had started making some frig magnets with those clear craft stones. So...we decided to make some, too. We found big stones at the Dollar Store because they only had small ones at Michael's. We had fun working together on them. We each made 13 magnets! We tried making a bracelet with some silver elastic string and a string of shells Laurie found at Michael's. A lot of the shells' holes weren't made big enough for the string to go my dear husband went out and got his drill. And there he was, sitting at the table, with his big fingers, holding a tiny, tiny shell, and trying to enlarge the holes for the strings. It worked on one. ONE. But he tried and tried. It was almost laughable how hard he was trying and how nothing was getting accomplished because his drill bit was just a bit too big to get into the hole. We kept telling him it was alright, but he was determined. Nope....the shells didn't work....but how lucky we are to have someone care about us so much.
Thanks for trying, honey.
All she needs to do is get a little thinner elastic string. No biggie.
Before Laurie left, we made homemade chocolate milk shakes. Mmmmm.
Then Laurie and I did something we love to do. We both share the piano bench, and she plays the tenor and bass, and I play the soprano and alto, and we play hymns. And laugh. And every once in awhile even sounds like a hymn!
Good times with LoLo. Come again real soon, ok?

Oh...and another year of marriage is behind us...and another one, full of wonderful possibilities has begun.
Our 33rd anniversary was yesterday.
33 years??? How did that happen so fast?

Taste of Italy!

We were visiting Michelle and Andrew in Georgia about six weeks ago to meet Tate and play with Toby. (and see Michelle and Andrew, of course)
Anyway, she is a great cook, and while we were there.......she made her Stromboli for us. Oh was incredible!!
I was excited when I saw it on her blog....she made one for her next door neighbor after some decided to try my hand at it.
You can get the recipe on Michelle's blog.
The picture above is with all the goodies, including the pesto sauce, but before I put on some provolone.
We made one side with mushrooms and peppers, too.

Rolled it up loosely....and cut the slits. Ready for the oven!

The finished product. THAT looks like a heart attack in a log, doesn't it?
Yummy! It didn't look quite as pretty as Michelle's, but our tummies thought it looked just fine.
Served it with marinara sauce for dipping, along with a salad, made up of romaine lettuce and spinach leaves, black olives, red pepper, tomatoes and mushrooms.
Josh and Kelly both say this is a keeper.
Thanks, 'chelle!

Later this week, I will have to post a terrific recipe I made from Jessie's kitchen...who is an amazing cook, too. It's made in the crock pot and put over noodles. Yum.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

5:40 a.m. @ National Reagan Airport

I was so proud of Megan and was so excited for her as we hugged her goodbye at the airport last Thursday morning. I hadn't shut my eyes all night, because I did most the driving, but was so glad to have spent some time with her helping her get ready. I love being with Meg. She is interesting, funny, sweet, and very unique. She teaches me a lot. She knows me well. And that is a great thing.....I love how my children really seem to know me.

I am missing you, Meggie. I know you are doing great out at BYU-Idaho. ....the birthplace of this crazy family of this is where Dad and I began. (And look where that little meeting has brought all of us.)

Remember, you have a momma and a poppa that are NUTS about you!