Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Date Night Smiles

A couple of weeks ago, Kelly and I went on a date. Yep...a couple of hours...just for us.
We had a great time together. He made me laugh all evening.
When we got home, we were just having fun talking and laughing with Megan and Josh. Megan took this picture of us.
I thought I'd post it, just to remember that fun night.....and the fact that I am very proud of this guy.
He just earned a promotion at work.....and he has only worked there 11 months. He loves his job, and the people he works with, and I am so glad he is happy.

Buds. Forever.

Try this!

I found this little quiz on another blog I love....and I took it....and I'm Pocahantas! How cool!
Find out which princess you are and let me know!

( and no....I haven't died. I will blog more, I promise)
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