Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Super Saturday

What a fantastic day! Woke up and prepared to leave for the Washington DC temple. We had such a fun ride up together. We solved some of the world's problems, and decided to try and solve a few more, and then just laugh at the ones we have no control over. As we found a place to park and were hurrying in, Kelly grabbed my hand and I remembered that young woman that came here over 38 years ago, madly in love with her Idaho spud. And now, after six kids, five more kids by marriage, twelve grandkids and all the ups and downs of this crazy ride we've been on together....I'm now an old lady who is even more in love with her "boy". As we walked, a car drove past us, came to an abrupt stop, the back door flew open and a young woman came running full speed at us. Then I recognized her - Kate Halling. "Hebdons!  I love you, Sister Hebdon!", she yelled as she gave me the biggest hug. Her phone fell to the ground, the case popping off, but neither of us stopped hugging. It was so good to see her. She lives in Richmond now. Oh, I miss the Hallings! We are so blessed to have great friends in so many places. It's always a joy to run into those we love! Meg and Brock got there right before we did. They had picked someone up and were going to have to get back to Harrisonburg earlier than we had to, so we drove separately. It was such a blessing to be at the temple with them. I loved sitting with Megan among all the women in our endowment session. A special time. 

Kelly and I began the MARCH MADNESS Book of Mormon Challenge today. This is a plan where you read the Book of Mormon in its entirety during the month of March. Today we read the first nine chapters of 1 Nephi. We decided we were going to begin our reading while in the celestial room together. We read the first chapter silently together sitting in that beautiful, peaceful place. What a tender time. After that, we went with a group to the sixth floor to help with the sealing of families for all eternity. Our temple sealer would stop now and then to "teach us" things he was thinking about. We enjoyed every minute. Finally about 4pm our tummies were finished with all this fun and needed some attention. We left the temple, and this shot of us was taken as we walked to our car. Then we enjoyed going to the bookstore, and, of course, shared a dinner at Macaroni Grill in Fairfax. It's our "temple place". 
On the way home, I read six more chapters out loud as Kelly drove, and we just had a great time talking about feelings and impressions we had today. 
Family is all asleep now...even the two pups...I finished reading chapters 8 and 9. Wow....I'm right on schedule!  (ok...I know it's just the first day, but we have to celebrate little victories! I love the scriptures!)  
Bottom line ....  a SUPER Saturday.