Monday, November 16, 2009

Stepping Back into the Blog-Mobile

Hi my family and friends,
All is well. Wish I would have been blogging more. Thought about it just about every day. So much in my mind right now, so much I'd like to write about. But for now, I'm just going to share a couple of things I found while going through some papers.

the first.....from Megan, at about age 9 ~

It's a little hard to read, but I love her little girl handwriting.

It's titled:


(and I'll write them just as Meggie did)

1. Ask if they've lost weight.
2. Keep your room clean.
3. Do chores they didn't ask you to.
4. Feed, water, a take the dog out.
5. Do my chores very well.
6. If they're tired & your hungry make your own food.
7. Don't talk to them when they're getting dressed or going to the bathroom.
8. Watch Josh.
9. If they're not in the mood to cook you cook.
10. Love them.

I just love this. I've always loved cooking for my family, but obviously when Meggie wrote this, I might have just had enough of the kitchen for awhile. #1 cracks me up. And #7 is still true. And she has #10 down pat. She's a winner at #10. As far as #2? Well, we all need something to work on.

Ok, this next tidbit is from some daily ramblings I was keeping in my Franklin Planner. This is from Monday, October 25, 1999. Meg would have been 10 years old. This is the beginning of what I wrote that night:
".....sitting with Meg on the couch tonight. Meg says, "Mom, do I have issues?" I asked, "What are issues?" (wondering what her concept of them were) She says, "No clue. But Dad says I do."
And, at the end of that journal entry, I was writing how Kelly was in New Jersey for some training and how much we were missing him. He had called that night, and Josh just couldn't wait to talk with him on the phone. (he was six) I thought it was so sweet. Josh got on the phone, and asked, "Dad? What color hair does your roommate have?" Kelly told him that his hair was black. Josh was completely satisfied. I wrote that "it's funny to see how Josh's mind works".

(And you know what? ...ten years later, it still is.)


And another treasure found.....again from a six-year-old Josh.

He used to love to draw. He drew his family a lot. And many times, Jesus would be amongst us.

I absolutely love this. Yes, Josh, Jesus is real. And what a good reminder this picture is of keeping him as the center of our family.
(and by the way, I think Dad and I are looking pretty snazzy here)