Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If the Shoe Fits....

Taken tonight at 11pm. At my request to take a picture. Zach Williams and Josh.
Buddies. For a VERY long time. And speaking of long....Zach has had long hair ever since I can remember. LONG hair. And this is how he showed up tonight.
I'm still a little traumatized. You just don't shock an old lady like that.

After Josh spent part of the day at the hospital with his dad today, had a piano lesson, hung out with some friends at Molly's house, had Youth meetings at church, had Sonya over for awhile, where they chalked pictures on the driveway, the day just wasn't full enough for him. So, he asks if his buddy, Zach, can spend the night. I said sure. Josh went to pick him up. Now, Kelly is just now beginning to eat after his (don't tell anyone). So he gets a hankerin' for a little ice cream. I called Josh, and he said Zach and he would go to WalMart and pick some up.
No problem. Except Josh ran out without shoes to go pick up Zach. He went into WalMart that way, and was stopped and told he couldn't go in. (go figure, right?) So, Josh "made" shoes, and walked confidently in, where he was stopped again. I'm surprised they even noticed, actually...they are quite fashionable, don't you think?

(and yes, Josh and I had the talk tonight about not driving barefoot)
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