Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Little Time On My Hands

I recently had some fairly extensive surgery. Eleven days ago, to be exact. After spending three days at Univ of VA Med Center, I returned home. I had planned to do SOOO much with my time off work and off teaching seminary. Wow, was I mistaken. I was rather unprepared for how terrible I felt that first week at home. Seriously, taking a shower was like swimming a mile as far as how worn out I got. I hate pain pills...hate the feeling they give me in my head and stomach, so I decided the second day home not to take any more. At all. Which resulted in pain whenever I moved. Sometimes I'd forget and would start to turn over or bend over, and then wonder why I wasn't taking the pills. But overall, it's been a peaceful time. I've slept more in the last week and a half than I have in the past two months, I think. I get worn out very quickly. I'm so happy the surgery was a success and I am being very careful to obey all the doctor's orders for a successful recovery as well.
And now, eleven days later, I'm feeling a little better. But not good enough. Not good enough to organize closets like I planned. Not good enough to organize the storage room. Not good enough to completely clean my cupboards out. Not good enough to take all my grandchildren's pictures and children's family pictures and reorganize them in matching frames that I will spray paint. Not good enough to work in the yard....not even on the porch. Not good enough to pack up Meg's room so Laurie can move in there. Not good enough to take the dog for a walk. Not good enough to even go to church today. I did feel good enough to finally get out of the house yesterday, and my husband took me for a ride. Heavenly Father gave me a gift as we were driving....the "largest" full moon in about twenty years...we saw it rise up along the horizon and then into the sky. Beautiful. But...I didn't feel good enough to walk around anywhere....or to eat anything.

But...I can type. I can write. I can catch up on some correspondence. I can talk with my Mom every day and call my in-laws and catch up on things. I can talk with my children. I can enjoy the Church magazines and scriptures that I love to read. I can write letters to my missionary daughter, Megan. I can write some thank you cards for sweet service given to me and my family by good friends. I can try and finish a crochet project I've had going for almost two years. I can laugh with my grandson, Landon. I can sit with my husband and hold hands and watch some March Madness. I can listen and laugh with Josh. And with his buddies. Oh.....and I can put on some James Taylor and cook banana bread. It's in the oven right now. It wore me out...but there it is...homemade and smelling yummy. Proof that I'm on my way back. And it feels good.

I am so grateful.