Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Almost Midnight....Again.

The phone rings.
I think it's a lovely sound.
I wish someone would get it.
It keeps ringing.
Where is it? What is it?
Oh yeah, it's the phone.
Is it still ringing?
Ok, ok! I'll get it.
Wait...where am I?
Was I just sound asleep at the kitchen table with my work clothes and shoes still on?
Yes, I guess so.
Michelle apologizes for waking me up. I am just glad she did. After some VERY important discussion of American Idol...and the merits of Danny, Kris and Adam....(love those three, altho Danny is my favorite) I realize maybe I should get some real shut-eye. It's been scarce lately. Some soft pj's and my bed will make it all better.
G'night y'all.

On a side note, between the hours of 5:30 and 11:00 tonight, I got to talk to and enjoy each of my six children. They are each terrific people...who teach me, and stretch me, and love me.
So glad to be their mom. Thanks, Heavenly Father, for my greatest gifts.

Monday, April 27, 2009

And the Winner Is....

Saturday was our Ward Dessert-Off. Or whatever it is called. Kind of like the chili-cookoff....but with desserts.
Saturday was also jammed packed with "have-to's". I know you know the deal. But I wanted to bring SOMETHING!!
So...I decided on something our family LOVES, but isn't real hard to make.
Michelle's Butterfinger Cake.

Michelle has made this for family gatherings....and it is gobbled up in a flash. I've made it before and it was well loved. So I thought I'd bring that.
The desserts were divided into four categories. And this little gem WON the cake division!!
YAY!!! (you can stop applauding now....you look kind of silly sitting there in front of your computer clapping. But thanks.)
I cut the pieces real small since it is so rich. So lots of people got a chance to taste it. We even brought some home.
Anyway...if YOU want a winner, try out Michelle's cake. It is amazing. (and jam-packed with calories...but who's counting??)
The recipe is on our new family recipe blog...which I need to add to. Thanks for Jessie for getting this started and adding some recipes and for Michelle for posting some, too. I promise I am adding to it. Fun!
But...in the mean time.....get over to
our recipe site

and get your fixin's for the one and only yummy Butterfinger Cake!!
A party in your mouth.
I promise.

Thanks, Michelle!! :)