Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Morning

Thanks, James!
I have stayed over at work quite a bit, so my boss let me have a day off with pay, without taking a vacation day! Woo-hoo! Jessie and the boys are visiting for a few days, so I have been saving this day up for a few weeks.
I woke up this morning to the biggest toothless grin. It made my heart jump. :) I played toys on my bed with both Noah and Griffin, while Poppy was getting ready for work. And I have spent the last hour sitting in my rocking chair in my jammies, with a big warm black dog laying on my chilly bare feet, rocking Griffin. He fell asleep under a toasty soft blanket, and we rocked and rocked. Every once in awhile he would turn his head, or look up at me and grin, then close his eyes and rub his face back into my shoulder and fall asleep again. For the last half hour, he has slept peacefully snuggled on me under his blanket, and Noah was coloring a few feet nearby on the piano bench. Well, not ON the piano bench, but on some paper that Poppy got out before he left for work. Jess was able to shower, get dressed, do hair and makeup without a baby on the counter with her. It was great. What a super way to start the morning! Griffin is finishing up his nap in his bed, while I get ready. Then we are off to the Children's Museum and other adventures today.
Josh is playing in a tennis match at Turner-Ashby today, and I hope we get to take the little ones and go. He played in his first varsity match last night. He played doubles with Zach on his team. He loved it. I can't wait to see him play. Just a few weeks ago he was checking weather.com at night, hoping for a snow day, or at least a delay. This last week or so, he checks it every night, hoping for great weather, so he can play more tennis. His band director is adjusting the indoor drumline schedule to accomodate his tennis, so he gets to do both. He is really happy about that.
Well, I am getting in the shower and getting ready for this incredible, wonderful, terrific day.
I just wish that tomorrow I could do the same with my other grandkids and their moms...Michelle and Toby and Tate...and then the next day with Steph, Kimmi, Alli & David.
I miss my little ones so much. They change so fast!
Another thought: THANKS, Jessie for helping me with my blog. I have talked with Jess and Michelle and they both have told me ways I could fix it up a little, but I have gotten frustrated trying to do it, and it seemed to take too long. With Jessie on the laptop and laying on my bed, she helped me while I was on my computer at the desk. It worked out great....how do you like it?
(I personally love the kiwi clock I found!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Awwww....what a lovely time of year!!!

It's that wonderful time of year again. Yes....spring. In fact, tomorrow is officially the first day of spring. Yay! I love springtime in the Valley.
But I am talking about that fantastic time of year called .....MARCH MADNESS!!! Games began today, and so far 12 games are final, with four more in the second half. Sixteen games today. And sixteen more tomorrow to finish up the first round.
Our family has one big pool, which is so fun. Drew sets up a website and game on cbssports.com and we all sign in and make our picks. Then we can message each other, etc. It's terrific, and we have had GREAT fun through the years. Thanks, Drew!
This year there are 19 in our pool. The oldest, well, is Kelly at age 55. The youngest? Just shy of six months. Yep.
Anyway....12 games are final. What are the odds of picking EVERY single winner of those 12? No, I didn't pick them. (I do have 10 correct so far, though!) But, Josh has picked a winner for each game! And, looking at the final four games, I think he will get at least three correct. Western Kentucky might just beat Illinois, which would be Josh' only miss today. But who knows. Anyway, as of right now, his picks are perfect. PERFECT!
GO JOSH~! (and Go Memphis!)

and I am plain tuckered out. g'nite.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

You are Tagged!

OK, the post below explains a challenge that I accepted. I am supposed to challenge six others to do it. I choose: Jessie, Michelle, Steph (or Drew!), Ammon, Ken, and Deb F.
And...anyone else up for the challenge!!! (as in YOU Laurie, if you get your internet working! and Miss Meggie...but she hasn't touched her blog since November)
Oh, and I'd love to see what David F. has to offer, because he has some great pictures!