Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Super Saturday

What a fantastic day! Woke up and prepared to leave for the Washington DC temple. We had such a fun ride up together. We solved some of the world's problems, and decided to try and solve a few more, and then just laugh at the ones we have no control over. As we found a place to park and were hurrying in, Kelly grabbed my hand and I remembered that young woman that came here over 38 years ago, madly in love with her Idaho spud. And now, after six kids, five more kids by marriage, twelve grandkids and all the ups and downs of this crazy ride we've been on together....I'm now an old lady who is even more in love with her "boy". As we walked, a car drove past us, came to an abrupt stop, the back door flew open and a young woman came running full speed at us. Then I recognized her - Kate Halling. "Hebdons!  I love you, Sister Hebdon!", she yelled as she gave me the biggest hug. Her phone fell to the ground, the case popping off, but neither of us stopped hugging. It was so good to see her. She lives in Richmond now. Oh, I miss the Hallings! We are so blessed to have great friends in so many places. It's always a joy to run into those we love! Meg and Brock got there right before we did. They had picked someone up and were going to have to get back to Harrisonburg earlier than we had to, so we drove separately. It was such a blessing to be at the temple with them. I loved sitting with Megan among all the women in our endowment session. A special time. 

Kelly and I began the MARCH MADNESS Book of Mormon Challenge today. This is a plan where you read the Book of Mormon in its entirety during the month of March. Today we read the first nine chapters of 1 Nephi. We decided we were going to begin our reading while in the celestial room together. We read the first chapter silently together sitting in that beautiful, peaceful place. What a tender time. After that, we went with a group to the sixth floor to help with the sealing of families for all eternity. Our temple sealer would stop now and then to "teach us" things he was thinking about. We enjoyed every minute. Finally about 4pm our tummies were finished with all this fun and needed some attention. We left the temple, and this shot of us was taken as we walked to our car. Then we enjoyed going to the bookstore, and, of course, shared a dinner at Macaroni Grill in Fairfax. It's our "temple place". 
On the way home, I read six more chapters out loud as Kelly drove, and we just had a great time talking about feelings and impressions we had today. 
Family is all asleep now...even the two pups...I finished reading chapters 8 and 9. Wow....I'm right on schedule!  (ok...I know it's just the first day, but we have to celebrate little victories! I love the scriptures!)  
Bottom line ....  a SUPER Saturday. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Those sweet words of love....

Oh....Valentine's Day. The day to share those special expressions of love with that certain someone. Well, we had a discussion about a week ago. We are trying to be very careful with every dime this month (this year!) so we decided that this year, we weren't going to buy each other anything substantial for Valentine's Day. Not even a store-bought card. We WERE however, going to "get creative" and make sure we remembered the day.
Well, here Kelly is with "38 kisses". My idea of showing him how much I care. Our first kiss ever was on Valentine's Day, 1975. So...38 years we are. Thus, 38 kisses. Each paper had a memory of a kiss we had shared. Specific memories spanning the years. He enjoyed randomly picking one and turning it over to see the memory...and then we'd talk a little about it. Very fun, actually. The 38th was with a little kid valentine I had...the special kiss that represented THIS Valentine's Day. Afterwards...he said..."I thought we weren't doing anything".  Oh well, it's ok. He rubbed my neck this morning at the crack of dawn because I had such a headache. He cooked dinner tonight because I worked late. He always tells me he loves me. It is really ok. I had fun doing the 38 kisses thing.
So after this he went downstairs to catch the last few minutes of the OSU basketball game. I was invited to go down to join him, but had some things I had to take care of up here.
However, when he came up an hour later....he must have been thinking about me....because he came over...put his arm around me....smiled that cute smile....and looked me right in the eyes. And then said these words with all the love in his heart ...."Happy Thanksgiving".  Seriously. I'm not kidding. He then realized what he said and cracked up. And apologized. I, however, only heard the "I love you" that was unspoken in the sweetest "Happy Thanksgiving" I've ever been wished. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, my love.

p.s. Just thinking about this, and I guess this is our 39th Valentine's Day!! 38 years, but with a Valentine's Day on each end, that makes 39!!  We HAVE, however,  had only 38 Thanksgivings together. Maybe the old man's on to something, after all.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grand Theft Auto

Have you heard the one ....                
How many Mormons does it take....?

We had a great Stake Conference over the weekend. Sunday morning's session was in Charlottesville (about an hour away). Kelly had dropped me at the door to find a seat while he parked the car. We discovered afterwards that he had locked the keys in the car. After wandering around a little, asking for a coat hanger or something, a "posse" seemed to form.
I came up to the car and saw this....a Sunday School President, a High Priest Group Leader, a Branch President and a Bishop...all trying to break into our car. (we will use any excuse to hold a meeting)
A parade of priesthood holders....but no one was holding the keys. ( a little Mormon joke ...humor me here.)
I broke out my phone and took a quick picture. I didn't realize I had it set on black and white, but I kind of like it.

And then...Victory!
The parade even had their own cheerleader!
.....and we all lived happily ever after.

(and Jessie...I have officially blogged again. Alert the media.)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Little Time On My Hands

I recently had some fairly extensive surgery. Eleven days ago, to be exact. After spending three days at Univ of VA Med Center, I returned home. I had planned to do SOOO much with my time off work and off teaching seminary. Wow, was I mistaken. I was rather unprepared for how terrible I felt that first week at home. Seriously, taking a shower was like swimming a mile as far as how worn out I got. I hate pain pills...hate the feeling they give me in my head and stomach, so I decided the second day home not to take any more. At all. Which resulted in pain whenever I moved. Sometimes I'd forget and would start to turn over or bend over, and then wonder why I wasn't taking the pills. But overall, it's been a peaceful time. I've slept more in the last week and a half than I have in the past two months, I think. I get worn out very quickly. I'm so happy the surgery was a success and I am being very careful to obey all the doctor's orders for a successful recovery as well.
And now, eleven days later, I'm feeling a little better. But not good enough. Not good enough to organize closets like I planned. Not good enough to organize the storage room. Not good enough to completely clean my cupboards out. Not good enough to take all my grandchildren's pictures and children's family pictures and reorganize them in matching frames that I will spray paint. Not good enough to work in the yard....not even on the porch. Not good enough to pack up Meg's room so Laurie can move in there. Not good enough to take the dog for a walk. Not good enough to even go to church today. I did feel good enough to finally get out of the house yesterday, and my husband took me for a ride. Heavenly Father gave me a gift as we were driving....the "largest" full moon in about twenty years...we saw it rise up along the horizon and then into the sky. Beautiful. But...I didn't feel good enough to walk around anywhere....or to eat anything.

But...I can type. I can write. I can catch up on some correspondence. I can talk with my Mom every day and call my in-laws and catch up on things. I can talk with my children. I can enjoy the Church magazines and scriptures that I love to read. I can write letters to my missionary daughter, Megan. I can write some thank you cards for sweet service given to me and my family by good friends. I can try and finish a crochet project I've had going for almost two years. I can laugh with my grandson, Landon. I can sit with my husband and hold hands and watch some March Madness. I can listen and laugh with Josh. And with his buddies. Oh.....and I can put on some James Taylor and cook banana bread. It's in the oven right now. It wore me out...but there it is...homemade and smelling yummy. Proof that I'm on my way back. And it feels good.

I am so grateful.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eleven Years of Lubb.

What????? Did Diane really BLOG again???

I am officially blogging. Yes, after months of ignoring my blog, I have been kicked in the pants and now am feeling bad about the moments and thoughts that might have been recorded. I am making ANOTHER commitment. Thanks, Michelle, for the kickstart. You began blogging again today. And Jessie, well, you've put us both to shame.
Soooo....what to write about tonight?
No question.

It is Drew and Steph's 11th Anniversary today. ELEVEN YEARS!!! Wow. These pictures are from last year on their 10th anniversary. I was able to stay with the kiddos overnight, while they escaped and had some much needed COUPLE time.....minus the kids. I sure wish I could have beamed myself down to Mississippi tonight to do it again.

I'm not even sure if they got out....because Kelly wanted to be with me when we called them...and then it got a little late in the day, into the evening. Kelly told me to just wait until tomorrow, because MAYBE, just MAYBE, they got out for a little while just the two of them, and they don't need a call from Mom and Dad during their celebration.

But I am thinking of that day eleven years ago. A beautiful but COLD day in Billings, Montana. We entered the temple - two families brought together by love - and left bound together by covenant. I will NEVER forget my son's face as he held Steph's hand and agreed to forever.
I gained a new daughter that day. Our family of eight was in an instant a family of nine.

Our teeth were chattering, but our smiles were big and our hearts were warm.

love to you both.

forebber and ebber.

Happy 11th Anniversary
Drew and Steph!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If the Shoe Fits....

Taken tonight at 11pm. At my request to take a picture. Zach Williams and Josh.
Buddies. For a VERY long time. And speaking of long....Zach has had long hair ever since I can remember. LONG hair. And this is how he showed up tonight.
I'm still a little traumatized. You just don't shock an old lady like that.

After Josh spent part of the day at the hospital with his dad today, had a piano lesson, hung out with some friends at Molly's house, had Youth meetings at church, had Sonya over for awhile, where they chalked pictures on the driveway, the day just wasn't full enough for him. So, he asks if his buddy, Zach, can spend the night. I said sure. Josh went to pick him up. Now, Kelly is just now beginning to eat after his (don't tell anyone). So he gets a hankerin' for a little ice cream. I called Josh, and he said Zach and he would go to WalMart and pick some up.
No problem. Except Josh ran out without shoes to go pick up Zach. He went into WalMart that way, and was stopped and told he couldn't go in. (go figure, right?) So, Josh "made" shoes, and walked confidently in, where he was stopped again. I'm surprised they even noticed, actually...they are quite fashionable, don't you think?

(and yes, Josh and I had the talk tonight about not driving barefoot)
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

My All-Star Grandson

My youngest grandson (at least at this moment), David Andrew Hebdon is in love with baseball. Any ball, really, but the absolute winner in his eyes is baseball. Ever since he's been tiny, that's been his toy of choice. He likes the trains, cars, animals, etc...... IF there isn't a baseball around.
May 15, 2010 - I shot these pictures as we watched his big sister, Alli, play her softball game. David came prepared. I love the above picture. Here he is, with a face of determination, seeming to come out of the dugout.

Kimmi and I took turns throwing to him. (well, rolling to him) Here is David in his "I'm ready" stance.

"Put me in, Coach!" (notice how he's holding the glove. Love it)

Intent on the game. David with his papa, my all-star son, Drew.

David - almost 20 months
Drew - 33 years

Steph sent me this picture the other day to my phone. I was in the middle of work at the office, and it made me smile the rest of the day.

Her caption was: "my boy and his baseball....with him wherever he goes"