Friday, February 15, 2013

Those sweet words of love....

Oh....Valentine's Day. The day to share those special expressions of love with that certain someone. Well, we had a discussion about a week ago. We are trying to be very careful with every dime this month (this year!) so we decided that this year, we weren't going to buy each other anything substantial for Valentine's Day. Not even a store-bought card. We WERE however, going to "get creative" and make sure we remembered the day.
Well, here Kelly is with "38 kisses". My idea of showing him how much I care. Our first kiss ever was on Valentine's Day, 1975. So...38 years we are. Thus, 38 kisses. Each paper had a memory of a kiss we had shared. Specific memories spanning the years. He enjoyed randomly picking one and turning it over to see the memory...and then we'd talk a little about it. Very fun, actually. The 38th was with a little kid valentine I had...the special kiss that represented THIS Valentine's Day. Afterwards...he said..."I thought we weren't doing anything".  Oh well, it's ok. He rubbed my neck this morning at the crack of dawn because I had such a headache. He cooked dinner tonight because I worked late. He always tells me he loves me. It is really ok. I had fun doing the 38 kisses thing.
So after this he went downstairs to catch the last few minutes of the OSU basketball game. I was invited to go down to join him, but had some things I had to take care of up here.
However, when he came up an hour later....he must have been thinking about me....because he came over...put his arm around me....smiled that cute smile....and looked me right in the eyes. And then said these words with all the love in his heart ...."Happy Thanksgiving".  Seriously. I'm not kidding. He then realized what he said and cracked up. And apologized. I, however, only heard the "I love you" that was unspoken in the sweetest "Happy Thanksgiving" I've ever been wished. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, my love.

p.s. Just thinking about this, and I guess this is our 39th Valentine's Day!! 38 years, but with a Valentine's Day on each end, that makes 39!!  We HAVE, however,  had only 38 Thanksgivings together. Maybe the old man's on to something, after all.

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