Saturday, May 29, 2010

My All-Star Grandson

My youngest grandson (at least at this moment), David Andrew Hebdon is in love with baseball. Any ball, really, but the absolute winner in his eyes is baseball. Ever since he's been tiny, that's been his toy of choice. He likes the trains, cars, animals, etc...... IF there isn't a baseball around.
May 15, 2010 - I shot these pictures as we watched his big sister, Alli, play her softball game. David came prepared. I love the above picture. Here he is, with a face of determination, seeming to come out of the dugout.

Kimmi and I took turns throwing to him. (well, rolling to him) Here is David in his "I'm ready" stance.

"Put me in, Coach!" (notice how he's holding the glove. Love it)

Intent on the game. David with his papa, my all-star son, Drew.

David - almost 20 months
Drew - 33 years

Steph sent me this picture the other day to my phone. I was in the middle of work at the office, and it made me smile the rest of the day.

Her caption was: "my boy and his baseball....with him wherever he goes"

Friday, May 28, 2010

Just cause....Feel Good pics #4 & #5

June 2009
I was in Georgia visiting Michelle and her family last June. Time for Toby's 3rd birthday.
We all had party hats on, and went outside to see Toby get on and ride his new "Gator". (pics of that later)
Tate Steven Pieracini - just a hair before turning one, is ready to party! He just plopped right down on the cement driveway and couldn't be happier.
Now, he's pushing two years old and learning a new word every day, and getting ready to be a BIG brother in just a few weeks.
Nana loves her Tater Tot.

February 2007
Shamrock was her real name, but she was always Shammie to us. An absolute snow dog. If there was any white stuff on the ground, she wanted to LIVE outside. I thought she was beautiful when she "squinted" whenever the sun hit the white blanket of snow.
Shammie - in this pic she's almost 12 (and a senior citizen in dog years, but always a puppy when it snowed)
We miss you, Sham.

Feel Good Picture #3

Just a pic shot at the side of our garage on Thanksgiving weekend 2009.
Everyone was here. Everyone. A taste of heaven for me.
In this shot, my "single" kids at the time.
In this pic: Megan - age 20, Josh - age 16, me-age (cough-cough),
Kelly (older than dirt) and Laurie - age 25.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feel Good Picture #2

Had about ten pictures that caught my eye I shut my eyes and randomly put a pencil with an eraser against the screen. This is the picture that was under the eraser.
It's a good one.

July 2008 - Hillendale Park, Harrisonburg - Alli, age 5, almost 6

We were at Steph's baby shower for little David. After the festivities, I played with Kimmi and Alli on the playground. I captured this picture of Alli. (I usually call her Alli-Bee)
Love her smile.
(notice the little foot kick. Alli is my girly-girl)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekend is Getting Closer!

I am so ready for a three day weekend! Two more work days, and then the glorious Memorial Day weekend. It will be busy, I need to get a lot done, but I know I will get some fun in there, too!
Kelly left early this morning for training in Richmond, where he is staying at the Hilton near the Richmond Airport. He thought he may have to share a room, but he has a room to himself. He always calls me and says that I should come and join him, and while he is in meetings during the day, I could explore, sleep, swim, read, write, whatever. In the evenings we could be together. Tonight I really wanted to take him up on it. Sounded great.

Josh and I had a quick bite at El Charro before he went to church for youth meetings. I love our dinners there together. It's fun to catch up with my almost 17 year old. I always learn something We share the chimichanga dinner, and munch on the tortillas and salsa. We get water to drink and the bill comes to $8 and some change. That with a tip isn't a bad price for an hour out with my son. Tonight was different, though. We drove separately, so he could drive to his meetings and drive home. DRIVE! Do you hear me??? This is my BABY!! The youngest of six. How did this happen? How is he allowed to drive all alone? Who pushed the fast forward button?

Watched American Idol final tonight. Great show. Would say more, but don't want to spoil it for any who haven't heard the winner yet. I will post more about that tomorrow, perhaps.

Feel Good Picture #1

Do you LOVE looking at pictures that you have taken, or others have sent you? I love it. In fact, my own pictures are my screen saver and my desktop background on both my home and work computers.

Seeing them just makes me feel good. I wonder how many hours I've spent sitting on my bed with different members of my family while picture after picture comes across the screen as my changing screen saver. We can waste some serious time looking at old pictures and talking about good times.
So...I thought I would share one of my good time pictures whenever I blog.

Today is the first one. Picked out a great one. Random feel-good pictures. Absolute treasures.


October 2008 - On our way back from Griffin GA, after we visited with Michelle and her family. Griffin was only 2 months old, so we stopped a few times for Jessie to feed him. Noah would take these pit stops as times to play and explore. Laurie and I were happy to oblige. This stop, somewhere in South Carolina, was one of his favorites. (Noah - age 2, Laurie age 24)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kelly Goes to Camp

I have been a mom for 33 years now. In fact, come to think of it, after doing some quick figuring in my head, I seriously think I have been a mother for just about 33.3 years plus 3 weeks.
In all that time, I have had many opportunities to take my children to camp. Six grade camp, boy scout camp, girls camp and all kinds of camp.
Last night, I got to take my "big" boy to camp. Kelly went to the RMH Sleep Clinic for the night. He brought his favorite pillow, his jammies, a book and a toothbrush. I got to spend some time with him in his room, and this camp is NICE, complete with a fun, sweet nurse and some ginger ale before going to bed. Except after I left, she wired him all up with electrodes and things on his head, temples, legs, with sensors on his chin, in his nose and on his finger. Then she reminded him that he would be video taped all night. Sleep tight! (He actually slept fairly well, he said.)
I picked him up this morning at 6:30 am, and he did just fine. He was sitting on the step with a big smile and a strawberry PopTart that he was given for breakfast. What a camper.
All ready for camp. Bye!

Kelly got to try out different C-Pap masks in case he needs to wear one. (ok...he's STILL cute)