Monday, January 28, 2008

We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet

President Gordon B. Hinckley
June 23, 1910 ~ January 27, 2008

Our dear prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley, passed away last night about 7:00 p.m., Mountain Time, in his apartment in Salt Lake City. He was surrounded by family members. He was 97 years old. People all over the world, both members and non-members of our Church, are mourning him today and remembering what a special man he was.

I thought I'd post a few pictures of the different faces of President Hinckley.

Above, he seems to be "knighting" Elder Henry B. Eyring, after Elder Eyring was called to serve in the First Presidency. This just seemed like President Hinckley....always having a good time.

I like this picture of President Hinkley's face....looking forward with confidence and determination.

Moses, Nephi, Joseph Smith....President Hinckley. Prophets of God.

Waving to the congregation. How he loved the children and youth of the Church. They all seemed to "know" their prophet...and love him. My children perked up whenever they saw him, or heard him speak....even when they were small. My daughter-in-law, Steph, called me today to tell me about telling Kimmi and Alli about it this morning. (they are 7 and 5). I guess Kimmi started crying....needed snuggles and comfort, and Alli was concerned. Drew and Steph were great in telling her that it is more happy than sad....but she loved him so. I remember us seeing him at the dedication of the Columbus Temple. It was thrilling for us all. Megan recently got to be with him in the Marriott Center at BYU, and listen to him leave a message for the students. She was so excited. He was so loved. What an ambassador for our Savior, Jesus Christ.

After General Conference, with his wonderful smile, waving his cane (which seemed to be its main purpose) and being followed by President Monson....a shadow of what would be.

This picture just moves me. A dad...surrounded by his loving children, at the funeral of his wife....their dear mother. He often talked of his devotion and love for Marjorie and seeing them together was precious.
Even knowing he would be with her, the separation was so painful. How difficult the last almost 4 years must have been for him without her. They were married in 1937. And now....can you imagine their sweet reunion?
I am simply overjoyed for him at this thought.

I take a moment to read in a little book called "Stand a Little Taller" almost every day. Each day there is a scripture and some words from President Hinckley.

Today's entry reads:

"Great is your power for good. Marvelous are your talents and devotion. Tremendous is your faith and your love for the Lord, for His work, and for His sons and daughters. Continue to live the gospel. Magnify it before all of your associates. Your good works will carry more weight than any words you might speak."
(That last line....THAT was President Hinckley)

Megan was the first to call me...from BYU. Cell phone lines were jammed in Provo and SLC with everyone calling after it came across the local news. She used her roommate's phone. Shane texted me and called me from Salt Lake City. Kelly, Josh and I stopped and offered a prayer. It was deeply felt that all was well....peacefulness settled in.

Throughout the next couple of hours, I spoke to each of my children, with them calling me or me calling them. I also spoke with my mom. We all felt the same thing....gratefulness, peace and the knowledge that we were blessed by having him so long.

Such love....we shall miss you, President Hinckley.
Thank you ...for your dedication, for your work, for your life.

And now.....the work continues.....because the Lord is in charge.