Sunday, September 30, 2007

Buckeyes Attack

'Nuff said, I think.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

THE Ohio State University.....


Ohio State: 30
Minnesota: 7

On our way to a gator fest!

The Music Man

Turner Ashby Marching Knights...entering the field before the game Friday night against Robert E. Lee High School.

It was a night of absolutely gorgeous fall weather, a great crowd, lots of enthusiasm and an exciting game. Kelly and I held hands, cheered our heads off, and had such a fun time. It came down to the wire. We intercepted at their end zone with only 12 seconds left on the clock to hold our 28-24 lead. Just right before, we had scored a touchdown with less than 2 minutes on the clock.

The band performed beautifully. Their formations were crisp, the sound full and together, and the transitions were fast and seemingly flawless. I thought they improved quite a bit from the last home game two weeks ago. Of course, it was raining quite heavy then, so I'm sure it was tough. Their performance is based on the art of M.C. Escher and the art department had done three magnificent props of his more famous works.

The band was lined up on the track at the end of the game, and after the exciting interception, they played the fight song, and then they marched off, with the drums doing the cadence. They were all so excited about the game, the drums started improvising and kind of went crazy on the drums. Terrific. Josh said he had a blast doing that.

This morning they were back at the high school at 8:00 am. for a dress rehearsal for competition. Then boarded the buses and left for Herndon, VA (northern Virginia) for the USSBA NOVA Regional. There were 35 marching bands competing from what I read. They got back to TA about 7:00 tonight. Josh said they earned second place in their District.....and also won Best Music and Best Percussion. Yay for Josh and the Turner Ashby Marching Knights!

Friday, September 28, 2007

My Girl out in the West

I MISS MEGAN!!! She is doing great at BYU....had the obligatory new freshman terrible cold/flu, but is feeling better now.
Tonight they are putting on a Mexican Fiesta...and having a bunch over to their apartment.
These are her roommates.
It sounds like her classes keep her really busy, but she is finding time for friends and fun, too.
I am proud of her and I'm very happy that she is doing what she wants to do....but I miss her all the time.
Yay, Meggie!!!!

There are six girls in Meg's apartment in Heritage Halls. Three bedrooms.
This couch is in their kitchen. From the left, this is a picture of Megan, Brittany and another Megan....who is in the other bed in Meg's room. Megan and Megan. Cute.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Little Vent

Can I just say that sometimes.....I HATE the insurance industry. On all fronts. Especially busting my tail and getting chewed up and spit out. Yep, I think I'm getting out.
If it were up to me....I think I would high-tail it on down to the coast....braid hair for the tourists on the beach, have a little houseboat and a big dog and sleep on the deck and watch the stars. At least for a little while.
Corporate America and I have just come to a crossroad....and I'm jay-walking!

Let the Good Times Roll

Last night, Kelly and I had a lot of fun just hanging out together and celebrating our anniversary one day late. We grabbed a bite to eat and just sat and talked and let time roll by. Then we saw a big broo-haha going on at we went to investigate. They were having a big car show. We saw our good friends, Richard and Karen Kee. We goofed around with them, and laughed and looked at cars and then hopped in their 1934 hotrod and pretended we were taking off. Good times. We then drove by the friend's house where Josh was spending the night and watched four crazy kids doing stunts off a big skateboarding ramp and crashing into the front yard. Yep......crashing. But, they seemed to love it.
Then we came home and watched We Are Marshall. Terrific movie. Just terrific. I know I'll watch it again, because Kelly fell asleep and has no clue how it ended.

Come On, Fall....

What is this???? It's Sept 22nd and going to be 85 and humid today. We were having BEAUTIFUL fall weather...and then zap...we're back into summer. I want my favorite season back. I am ready for crisp sunny days, cool breezes at night, colorful falling leaves, pumpkins, football games, fall festivals...and apple cider.
In fact, we are going to a JMU football game today....and I want it to be hoodie weather. Not sunscreen time.
I love this little guy on my porch. Michelle and I each bought one last year when we were shopping together. He's doing his best to call autumn in. We are both ready.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Missin' my Folks back in Ohio

Today I had a great talk with my Mom. She and Dad sent us a beautiful bouquet of different color daisies for our anniversary. It was so thoughtful and such a terrific surprise. Mom and I had fun catching up on everything.
Then tonight when I got home, I saw that Mom called again on the caller ID. So I called them back...and Dad answered. Mom got on the other line, and we had the best time. I loved talking with them, and it was great to be just talking with my Mom and Dad....about my life, and theirs.
I miss them both a lot....and pray for them all the time. Thanks, Mom and Dad.....for everything.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

32 Years Ago Today....

Today marks 32 years since our wedding in the Washington DC Temple. I look at this picture and can remember how I felt as sacred promises were made.
I remember wondering where our life together would take us. It's strange to realize that back then, I hadn't met our six beautiful children, our four wonderful children by marriage or our four terrific grandkids. It was just Kelly and Diane. A boy and girl in love and looking forward to tomorrow. And....I guess that's what we still are. Kelly and Diane. Two old people in love and still looking forward to tomorrow, and grateful for our past.
I love you, Kelly. (and I still see this boy when I look at you)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The fun continues....

After the picnic on Saturday, everyone was excited to go to Deb C's pool and cool off a bit. Kimmi had fun "diving". She did such a good job.

Alli went "diving" too. She just decided to do it off the side of the pool. What great form!

Josh and Jeremy.

Cute little fish.

Thanks, Deb....we had a super time!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saturday in the Park

Our ward had a picnic at Wildwood Park in Bridgewater this past Saturday. We took pasta salad and brownies. Laurie and Jeremy were in town and came with Kelly, Josh and me. Drew, Steph and the girls met us there. We all had fun talking to other friends and spending time together.
Steph took this picture of Kelly and I with our terrific granddaughters, Kimmi and Alli. Just look at those eyes. Such cuties. And so sweet. Are we blessed or what???

While Josh, Laurie and Jeremy were off talking with someone, Kelly hurried and got the girls to follow him. No one knew why. Then he squatted down and had them look across the river. He had spotted a blue heron and was excited to show them. They couldn't find it at first, and were trying so hard to look just where he was telling them. Then Alli finally saw it, but Kimmi couldn't. She was so frustrated. But, she kept trying.

Kelly trying to show Kimmi just where the blue heron was. She finally saw it!

I took a picture of Drew's family at the park. Drew, Steph, Kimmi and Alli. Kimmi is so incredibly proud of her big toothless grin. (I think someone forgot to tell Alli to wear red?) Anyway, I love this picture. What a cute family!

Fun With Laurie and a Camera

Laurie and I were sitting on my bed this past weekend, and we picked up the digital camera. I said, "Look crazy." And this is what we got. Well, we kind of did get crazy after that. We'd say an emotion, take a picture, and then laugh at ourselves. Yes, I know....mature.

"Ok....look crazy."

This one just cracks me up. I love Laurie's mouth.

This one was simply "Happy." And we were.

Ummm....I just don't know.

Playing with Laurie is fun. Wish I could do it more. (And please....absolutely no reproductions of these lovely pictures, ok?)

I Knew He Was Under There Somewhere.....

Last Thursday night, Laurie and Jeremy came from Ohio. They got here about 1:30 in the morning. After I got done working on Friday, we were all anxious to do something together. We decided it was definitely a Dayton Farmers Market kind of day. We all needed a pretzel, made by the Mennonites there.....a treasure for your taste buds. I'm not kidding. They are just about the best things you ever put into your mouth. And we get a little bag of jerky from Hank's SmokeHouse there to eat with them. And some cold drinks. Weird, but seriously, your mouth does a little happy dance with this combination. So, we all were excited about our little outing.

I had told Josh earlier that he needed to cut his hair sometime over the weekend. I told him he could have it as long as he wanted on the sides and the back....have it in a ponytail, if he wanted, but that he had to cut it around his eyes. I missed seeing his eyes. I told him I'd do it, or I'd take him to Hair Corral. Well, we were all getting into the car when Josh said, "Can we stop at Hair Corral?" (did I hear him correctly?) So, the very first stop was Hair Corral.

I was surprised that Josh wanted to cut it quite a bit shorter. I was more nervous than he was, and kept asking him if he was sure. I kept telling him, when they started talking about using the clippers, that it was really going to be short. And then Josh showed her where he wanted his bangs. I was so surprised. Finally I just decided to shutup. But, I did get out my camera. This first picture is the shaggy Josh that came into Hair Corral. I love the grin. I'm sure his eyes are smiling, too....we just can't see them.

Now this is a good look, don't you think?

Josh said maybe he'd just keep it like this. Nice.

And then, Josh emerged at least two years older, I think. I took this picture as soon as he got out of the chair. I thought he looked great. He had fun teasing me that it was all my fault, but I think he was glad to get rid of the mop. He thought his white forehead looked a little weird, though.

And then.....we were off to "Pretzel Heaven".

Noah's First Birthday

Sunday we celebrated Noah's first birthday at his other grandparents' home. Will and Ginger live right off the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains of North Carolina. Just gorgeous. It was a great party. Jessie had worked so hard....especially on this cute little teddy bear cake for Noah. She said it took hours to ice it. She did each and every tuft of fur. Wow. She also had a beautiful spread of goodies....she had helped Ginger the day before cook and bake. Especially yummy was the homemade french bread and Jessie's warm spinach dip. I made some bacon wrapped water chestnuts and brought cut up fresh veggies and dip. Noah LOVED the little chocolate cake that was just his. He was a little timid at first...then started going for it. Bigtime. He's a chocolate lover like his daddy.

It was so cool to drive up Ginger and Will's long driveway and see this banner on their back upper deck. It was huge. Michelle made it for them and sent it from Georgia. It was really cute. It was all done in the blue and brown that Jessie had as the colors for the party. Some of the polka dots were outlined, some not. I think her writing is terrific. She should sell these. She also made a great one for Megan's graduation in June. Cute!

Noah loved playing outside after all the inside festivities. Ginger and I were watching him play with his cousins and Uncle Josh, when he just seemed to beg to get into his little pool. Ginger put him in.....and we just laughed at his reaction. We think he must have been thinking he had the coolest grandmas around that let him get into the pool with his clothes on. Jessie said if Noah was happy, she was happy.

We got him a soccer ball...which he loved. We also got him lots of books. He liked them a lot. But I think his favorite thing was the plastic bin we got him to put his books in. He climbed right in it.
Happy Birthday Noah!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Say Cheese!!!

OK.....adorable or WHAT??

I was thrilled when Michelle emailed me these pics of Toby right before we left on our trip. I was excited to see them....because it seems like every time Michelle takes him to get professional pictures taken, Toby is really unhappy and doesn't want to smile. He is usually a ham and smiles Super-Big for her when she snaps pictures of him. But get him in front of someone strange, at a strange place and he wants no part in it. But she told me he smiled this time....and wow...he really did! She dresses him so cute. I think he looks absolutely adorable in his "big boy" clothes. I love him in sandals. Somehow they seem perfect on him.

He's ready to take off on his own, but still likes the security of his mommy's hands. out world. Toby's coming!!

Oh, this cracks me up. He looks JUST like his momma in this picture. She used to make this face all the time. I love it!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So Bittersweet....

Megan and I took off Saturday, August 25th for our trip to take her out to BYU. Then I drove home by myself. There is so much to write about. Nights were Columbus with Laurie and Jeremy, Nebraska, Shane's in SLC, the Harris' home north of SLC, in Megan's kitchen on an air mattress, back at Shane's, then Nebraska, Illinois, Kentucky at the horse farm where Aunt Chris was staying, and then back home. I got home night before last.

As I am writing this, emotions are high. I have lots to do and things to catch up on, so I think I will postpone writing much. It was a wonderful and terrible trip. For lots of reasons. But, dropping Megan off....and saying goodbye.....over 2000 miles away, was definitely wonderful, marvelous, and yes, a bit terrible. I cried all the way back to Shane's house 45 minutes away. But, I am proud of her, and glad she is chasing her dream. She will be fine. Me? not so sure.

I will write more about the trip later.

(by the way, Meg took this picture)