Monday, May 11, 2009

Absolutely Bushed.

It's 11:30 and I have a 7:30 meeting at work tomorrow. Should be in bed, but this is the first I've sat down today with a minute to myself. After work, Josh and I went and worked out. And I REALLY worked out. Well, as much as this old, overweight, injured body will let me. Already my legs and shoulders are yelling at me. By morning, they will be having an all-out hissy fit! But, it feels good, too. And I plan on going and working out again tomorrow after work. Alert the media. Two days in a row, perhaps!

It was a whirlwind weekend, full of ups and downs, both in circumstances and in our emotions. We received the sad news last Monday that one of our very best friends had passed away from a heart attack. I want to write more about that, but it will take me awhile to get my thoughts together for that one, as it was such a tender experience.

The funeral was on Saturday in Dublin, Ohio (right outside of Columbus). We planned on leaving right after work on Friday and getting to Ohio about 1am on Saturday. Well, life had other plans. Our refrigerator decided to take a break from working on Friday morning. Kelly worked with it awhile, with no luck. He met a repairman there Friday afternoon, who also worked with it awhile. Diagnosis: our coil in the back of the fridge is shot. $250 for the part, and $150-200 labor. Oh....and the part is on back order. It will take 7-10 days to get the part in the shop. He will call when it comes in. Oh, terrific.

So, we cleaned out the freezer and fridge, rearranged some things in our little chest freezer, got out the cooler, bought two bags of ice, and filled our makeshift refrigerator. Josh spent the weekend with his buddy, Zach. Yay for Zach's terrific mom, Michelle. Josh had a great time over there.

We left Harrisonburg around 8:30, stopped at 11:30 on the east side of Beckley, WV. The storms had been horrific ever since we left the 'burg. Nighttime darkness, severe storms, fogs and semi trucks on the West Virginia mountain roads. Yep, makes for a peaceful drive. We decided to get some shuteye. It was a great idea. Got up early and got ready and dressed for the funeral, had the motel's "lovely" continental breakfast. (Toasted english muffins with YOUR choice of jam or cream cheese AND two choices of or apple. I'm telling you....a virtual buffet! Seriously, the absolute saddest continental breakfast I've ever seen) Drove right to the chapel for the funeral. I will perhaps write tomorrow about that experience. I will just say that Saturday we KNEW we had made the right decision about going.

After leaving our friends, we decided to get the BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD (Donato's) and take it out to my mom and dad's house and share it with them. They were happy to see us, and we spent three great hours with them, just enjoying each other and enjoying the pizza. Mom always wants to cook for whoever shows up, but I could tell she was grateful that she could just sit. We talked and laughed and I was so glad we went.

We left their house about 9 pm and drove the 40 minutes to Laurie and Jeremy's house. We hadn't seen their new place in Grove City yet. It was so terrific to be with them awhile. Their townhouse is so cute, and Laurie has really done some cute things with the place, and it was fun to see all her little touches there. We played Wii and talked and laughed. Kelly and I slept on their couches.

Mother's Day morning....Jeremy made us all breakfast! A sausage, egg, peppers, hash brown concoction that was TERRIFIC. And orange juice. DELICIOUS. Then we all got ready for church. I loved being with Laurie on Mother's Day morning. We saw so many people at church that we knew from years ago. I had a great time catching up with old friends. Of course, I felt OLD when I saw Jenny Kiehl....who used to babysit the kids a little, and she told me she is turning 40 this year. 40!!!

After church, we went back to Laurie's to change and get on the road. Well, "get on the road" turned into "just one more game of baseball" on the Wii, or Laurie and I looking through the LTD catalog together, or us making crazy faces while Jeremy shot some pictures. It was hard to leave, but we finally did around 2:45. We pulled into our driveway about 9:30 last night. Unpacked the car, got MORE ice, and repacked our "cooler fridge", got a little sleep and was up at 5:45 this morning. wonder I'm tired. I'm tired just TYPING this. And if you are still reading this, then YOU must be tired. Sorry for the rambling.

It was wonderful talking to all of my children on Mother's Day. I wish all moms everywhere a Happy Mother's Day.....but I think I am the luckiest mom in the world, because I get to be mom to the 6 most terrific people. And those six have exploded into 17. Seventeen to mother and grandmother. I am indeed a rich, rich woman.

A tired, old, very sore rich woman..... but a rich woman for sure.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weekend Thoughts it's the wee hours of Wednesday morning, but I thought I'd write just a few ramblings about last weekend.
Friday night, Josh played in the tennis match between Turner-Ashby and Harrisonburg. He and Shane played the second doubles team from Harrisonburg High School. They lost 7-10, but Josh felt like it was a win because they were playing the second best team at Harrisonburg. He was so excited about the match.
Took him to his friend Tyler's house to spend the night. There were four guys spending the night, and they had a great time...playing pool, "jamming", etc. I got an urgent call around 11:30 p.m. from Josh asking me to bring over his bongos. I did, and it was fun seeing him so happy. I had some time to myself, because Kelly was down at Drew's house. He had a meeting down there that day, and really enjoyed spending some time with Drew and his family. So I stopped by Walmart for some pink petunias and went to the hospital to visit my friend.

Saturday morning I got out a little late for the "Belmont Garage Sales", a semi-annual event our subdivision puts on. It's quite a party.
This pic was taken a little late in the festivities, and things had died down quite a bit. I picked up a few little things, and the whole time I beat myself up because I need to HAVE a garage sale, not go to one. Just didn't have time to put it together. I was extremely sad that day too, because I talked to my daughters and all but Meggie were out going to garage sales too! Jessie, Laurie, Michelle and I....but no one was together. That just stinks. We went together on a Saturday last October and it was terrific. We need to do that again. I fought that "alone" feeling all weekend. It was bad. I did get a couple of cheap frames with some ugly pictures inside. I am going to try some ideas Michelle has on her blog. We'll see how that goes.

Then I ran down to my office on North 42 near the Harmony Square Shopping Center. The chiropractor who owns our building was putting on a big Kid's Fair. My boss wanted someone to dress up as the State Farm Good NeighBear ( heard that right).
Well, at first Josh was going to do it, but he wanted to get to the garage sales, and he wasn't too excited to do it anyway. I called Brooke L., who is home from college this summer, and she was glad to do it. I just wanted to stop by and see how she was with it all. Well, no worries there! She was dancing up a storm, and usually had a little parade around her. I mean, this bear had some moves! Good job, Brooke!
Josh had a great Saturday going around the sales with a big group of friends. I met up with him to give him a few bucks. He was so excited. Found a couple of CD's....and a terrific find..."'s a midget tennis racket!" (I had to tell him it was a racquetball racquet. I shouldn't have. He was kind of excited about this racquet for munchkins) He also found one catcher's leg shield...or whatever it's called. One. Not two. One. And he had it on. I asked him why. He said "Cause I like it." good answer. They ended up back at Tyler's house for pizza, more pool and he learned how to play poker. "don't worry mom...not with money". Michelle said she was learning how to play poker too. Interesting. Anyway, he had a great day. And even greater, when he realized it was raining when he got home, so he "couldn't" mow the yard.

The valley is looking gorgeous. Springtime in the Shenandoah Valley is only surpassed by fall in the valley. The dogwood trees are alive with color, so I snapped this picture along one of the streets around here. Soon the blossoms will fall, and the trees will all be various shades of green. A different kind of beautiful, but oh, I love the "crayola springs" around here.
I went to the store, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned the house from a week of me being at work, and made some chocolate chip cookies and chicken enchiladas. Kelly and I took some over to Barb's house, and then Kelly and I both went up to the hospital to visit her. It was nice. Her husband was there, and then the Shavers came, too. A little party in the hospital.
Sunday was nice. A peaceful day. It felt good to be at church. The sister missionaries asked when they could stop by, and I said "How about today for dinner?" I made tortellini soup and garlic bread for dinner. I had been feeling kind of down, and it was so nice to have them over. We got to have them for quite awhile, and we laughed, and ate, and talked. And they gave us a nice little lesson, too. It brightened me. Our home is meant to be full. I like it that way.
Late Sunday night, Kelly and I stayed up reading in bed, and just talking. It was nice to stop and spend a few minutes together. I think reading in bed is heaven. Double heaven when your husband is reading with you. boring post, just felt like getting it down. sorry.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Take a minute and Feel Good....

I found this story last night, and wanted to share it. I've watched it a number of times and notice something new each time.

Watch how BOTH teams are excited and run out at the end. Kind of makes me feel that in the end, we are ALL on the same team.
Also, we need to find our passion, do all we can to prepare, and when we get the chance.....let it rip. Go all out. Make it happen. No excuses.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Late Night Thoughts

One year. 365 days. It was one year ago today that we had to make the tough decision to put our dog Shammie down. (well, technically yesterday, since it's after midnight now)
It was so hard. Kelly and I held her at the end, and she looked up at us with eyes full of love and let us know it was OK.
The vet assured us we were doing the right thing. But, this dog....well, I'm too tired to write it all, but she was amazing. An absolute gift to our family.
It would also be her 14th birthday today. I miss you, girl. Sometimes when I wake up, I still expect you to be asleep on the floor right beside my bed. Thanks for all the love.

Last year, Drew, Steph and Kimmi and Alli were staying with us for a few months. They were here when we had to say good-bye to Shammie. The girls really loved this dog. Well, I got up and was ready for work the next morning. Came out to the kitchen and put a smile on my face. As I was leaving, the girls were eating breakfast. Kimmi (who was seven at the time) came over and hugged me and gave me a paper she had been working on. She said, "Grandma, I wrote this for you."

She wrote:

Shammy was a good dog. When Magen was 5, Shammy could run faster than Sloopy. Magen is a person and she is a teenager. Sloopy is a dog. He is very big, and he is 2 and a half years old. Shammy is in heaven now. It was her birthday. She turned 91 years old. Going to heaven is her birthday present. Shammy got to see her Mommy!! Shammy must be happy. So should her Mom. I love Shammy.
The End

(I do too, Kimmi. I do too. And thanks for the treasure)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Other thoughts:

I went and spent time tonight with a friend that just had open heart surgery on Wednesday. It was incredible to think about and talk about what modern medicine can do. I felt a great spirit of gratefulness and sisterhood in her hospital room with her. I took some beautiful pink petunias I found at WalMart and put in a basket. I told her when she got home I'd come over and plant them. (I didn't want to bring something that she would have to watch die over the next week) Anyway, my heart is filled with gratitude that there is knowledge on the earth to repair something as intricate as a heart, while being kept alive by machines during the surgery. I'm so happy, Barb. You are on your way.
While I was there, a good friend, Br. Larsen, came to visit, too. It was nice spending time together. He gave her a blessing of comfort before we left. One phrase he said is especially sticking with me....he was talking about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and how she is "nestled in their arms".
And I have been thinking - those arms are for us all.
of us...whose hearts are "broken" too.