Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mega News!

I haven't blogged in a long's for a number of reasons.
But, my life has been busy and full...good and bad. It's been like my normal life...multiplied by ten.


"Baby boy" Pieracini was born at 7:42 p.m. tonight to my daughter, Michelle, and her husband Andrew and to his "big" brother, Toby (Tobin Kelly) Pieracini, down in Griffin, Georgia.

Michelle was over three weeks early...but this little guy was growing fast, and causing things to happen quickly.

The doctor decided to have Michelle go on over to the hospital today, because her body was more than ready to have this little one. I spoke with her at 5:40 p.m. And...after some intense, hard, but quick labor and one push, he was born. No epidural, no stitches. Just one tuckered out mom.

Michelle and I talked about 45 minutes later, and she told me he is adorable. She is so so so happy.

6 lbs. 8 oz, 20 inches long, black curly hair (we think). He was still being cleaned up when we talked. No name another surprise to look forward to!

I'm a Grandma again. Woo Hoo! And as far as the three little grandboys I had down....two to go. We are wishing you the best, Jessie and Steph!!!
By October I will have two adorable granddaughters, and five......yes...FIVE.....little grandsons.
Fun times.

Way to go, Michelle!!!!!! They've been really tough to get here...but you sure have this labor and delivery thing down! When it's time for them to don't mess around!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Truth on a T-Shirt

You betcha, Alli.

(stay tuned for pictures of all the terrific Hebdon grandkids. I have quite a few to post later today. Be warned.....they are the cutest little people on the face of the earth.)

Wow...soon there will be seven cousins. How much fun will it be when we all get together!
I need a swimming pool......and lots of popsicles. Heaven to me would be hanging out in the water with all of them.

I love being a grandma. Just love it.

And Alli.....I'll never tell. :)

I Got Clipped Tonight

I went quite a bit shorter when I got my hair cut tonight. I think I will like it.
(this is being posted for my daughters, because they will want to see it. For the rest of you....sorry for the boring post and ugly pictures of should just go back to snapping beans, or painting your toenails, or cleaning the shower grout or watching Montel Williams......just about anything is more fun than looking at my hair.)

My Sabbath Portrait

There is a delightful young man at Church....named Michael Walton. About ten or eleven years old. He is one incredibly intelligent guy. I wonder what he will do with his life as he has many gifts. We've had fun as we have shared math riddles and jokes, etc.
Sunday I happened to be sitting next to him during sacrament meeting. I noticed he kept looking at me. Whenever I'd look over at him, though, he would look away. He was almost done with this when I figured out what he was doing.
He gave it to me after the meeting. Michael.

Hey...look how clear my skin looks....and no freckles. And a lovely smile.
Not too shabby :)
(and I appreciate the fact that he only gave me one chin)

Mona your heart out.