Saturday, June 30, 2007

snips and snails, and puppy dog tails

This afternoon I dropped Josh and his friend Bryan off at Westover Pool. As I watched them walking in I just sat in my car and realized how grown up he is and that the steps he takes will be more and more going away from home. As it should be, but sometimes it washes over me anew. You'd think with the sixth child, this wouldn't be so hard. No such luck. But, I am savoring moments. Like the other night....about 11:30 p.m. I was sitting out on the porch in the rocking chair, listening to the night when Josh came out. We had spent a fun evening together, went a few places, had some laughs, and even met a super Buckeye fan who graduated from Marysville High School in 1995. (My brother and sister graduated from there!) This guy was with his girlfriend and Josh and I were in a long line at the movies and he nodded at Josh wearing his OSU shirt, and said, "Buckeye Fan???" Josh said he was and that started things. It didn't matter that there were a bunch of people around that we had to talk over. He had found a member of THE club and wasn't going to let that go. We hashed over the Florida curse, OSU basketball, Greg Oden, Tressel, Michigan and what football games he may see this year in Columbus. He looked at his girlfriend and smiled, and let us know that she just didn't "get it" but he was trying to enlighten her. I asked him
where she was from and he said "Lebanon". I said, "Ohio??" He said, "No, Leb-a-non." oh. silly me. The country. But.... there IS a Lebanon, Ohio. I promise. There was a lull as he was paying for something and I yelled out "O-H" and wasn't surprised when he turned with the biggest smile and yelled louder "I-O". It was great.
Anyway, back to the porch. Josh came out and brought Sloopy with him. We talked a bit and he did some moves on his skateboard, and then he started jumping the railing. We had fun trying to get the picture at just the right moment. Well, I guess I had the fun.....poor Josh had to do it about 20 times for me to get it right. Megan and Kelly weren't home, and the world seemed fast asleep. Shammie was curled up on the living room floor, and for a short while, there was only Josh, Sloopy and me in the world. I will hug him hard and force a big smile as he walks toward his own world, wherever that may be.....but for that night.....he was just my little boy.

Empty??? What does that MEAN???

Tonight Kelly, Josh and I drove to the Young Women Girls' Camp just past Franklin, West Virginia to enjoy time with the girls and pick up Megan. I was laughing with Megan and her friend Randi, and I was feeling so strong and happy since receiving 4 pints of blood over the last week. I realized I felt human again. We had an oriental dinner at the camp, and afterwards we had fortune cookies. I love fortune cookies. I've had some real eye-opening moments with them. But tonight....I opened was......EMPTY!!!! yep.....empty.

Despite the empty cookie, the evening was enjoyable. Especially the hugs from Megan. I really missed her. We took Amy Halling home tonight too. We had a fun ride home. I love it when my kids come home from being away. It always feels so good to be together again.