Sunday, November 23, 2008


ok.....just one more picture. (makes me even prouder to work for State Farm!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

OSU vs. Michigan - NOON TODAY!!!!

what can I say?


(tiny picture I know...I am blogger stupid)

It's kickoff time!

Go Bucks!

Buckeye Fever

THE Ohio State University Buckeyes!!! did THAT get on my blog????? Seriously.....someone should be ashamed.

You Know It!

A couple of GREAT commercials.....enjoy~!!!

ESPN has called the Ohio State/Michigan game the greatest rivalry in sports history--and for good reason. The competition is so fierce that some historians think it's a carryover of the Toledo War, a 19th century boundary dispute between the states of Ohio and Michigan. The teams have played since 1897.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Last week in October

Before the game....even handsome from the back. (right in the center of the photo)

Last game of the season. Turner Ashby beat Broadway 41-7. Yay!!!

Addie was the drum major this year. She is a senior and so sweet. I snapped a picture of her and Josh after halftime. We are going to miss her!

Our buddy, Dale Richards, and Josh. Not sure about this pic. I guess Josh had five minutes to get ready....he said he came as "Megan, Grandma, Jedi." Had on Meg's Galley2 shirt, skirt, pearls, a few belts, some ties, a scarf that reminded him of Grandma...and of course the Jedi sword.
Strange guys.

Maggie, Sonya, Nancy and Josh. What a crew.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!