Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eleven Years of Lubb.

What????? Did Diane really BLOG again???

I am officially blogging. Yes, after months of ignoring my blog, I have been kicked in the pants and now am feeling bad about the moments and thoughts that might have been recorded. I am making ANOTHER commitment. Thanks, Michelle, for the kickstart. You began blogging again today. And Jessie, well, you've put us both to shame.
Soooo....what to write about tonight?
No question.

It is Drew and Steph's 11th Anniversary today. ELEVEN YEARS!!! Wow. These pictures are from last year on their 10th anniversary. I was able to stay with the kiddos overnight, while they escaped and had some much needed COUPLE time.....minus the kids. I sure wish I could have beamed myself down to Mississippi tonight to do it again.

I'm not even sure if they got out....because Kelly wanted to be with me when we called them...and then it got a little late in the day, into the evening. Kelly told me to just wait until tomorrow, because MAYBE, just MAYBE, they got out for a little while just the two of them, and they don't need a call from Mom and Dad during their celebration.

But I am thinking of that day eleven years ago. A beautiful but COLD day in Billings, Montana. We entered the temple - two families brought together by love - and left bound together by covenant. I will NEVER forget my son's face as he held Steph's hand and agreed to forever.
I gained a new daughter that day. Our family of eight was in an instant a family of nine.

Our teeth were chattering, but our smiles were big and our hearts were warm.

love to you both.

forebber and ebber.

Happy 11th Anniversary
Drew and Steph!!