Monday, June 30, 2008

Some Dirt Therapy

Going outside for some fun. Digging in the dirt. Ripping out the weeds. Giving my dog a drink from the hose. Giving myself a drink from the hose. Getting my jeans dirty. Walking barefoot in the grass. Picking a cucumber or yellow squash or two.

Feeling His love through His incredible gifts.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

To Tell the Truth

Remember that game show? Kitty Carlisle and the rest of the gang?
Wow...if you must be as old as me!!

Anyway.....I can just hear it now.

"Now...will the REAL bad blogger please stand up?" would have to be me.

Bad, bad blogger.

(but, I'm back. I actually did it this time, Jessie. Woo-hoo!)

They are growing like weeds!

Josh and Megan came to the office with Kelly and I to get the last of our things there, and clean up a little. It was the weekend, so they just came in their pajama pants. We borrowed a truck (thanks, friends!) and moved the desk, credenza and office chairs. The rest fit in the Explorer.
Meg and Josh were both a great help....we couldn't have done it ourselves.
Then they came in with huge leaves growing out of their pants. I'm not sure why.
Crazy kids.
I love to hear them laugh together.
Sweet, sweet music.